Enough is Enough!

When I first conceived of this site, I knew my practical purpose, my spirit’s mission, my heart’s intent. And although these energies flowed freely through me – the one obstacle I faced was what to “call” it. Words have energy and direction, and the choice of “names” was an important one. As I pondered, meditated and sought guidance from my center – the name finally emerged in an explosion of affirmation. An “aha” moment. It would be called, The Power of Social Consciousness!

This title resonates with the movement within me – as well as the key to the outer movement toward peace. It speaks to the power that we all possess – inherently, organically and without reservation. And this power, when combined collectively, is nothing short of what humans describe as magical.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many of us look forward to expressing our love to those close to us. Yes, I realize that the cynical among us dismisses this “holiday” as nothing more than a merchandising scheme to line the pockets of an already obscenely wealthy corporate structure. But Valentine’s Day is something more than Hallmark cards and boxes of chocolates. It is an event that focuses the collective power of social consciousness on the energy of love.

Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth

On a recent trip to Florida with my family, we visited Disney World and Universal Studios. After 3 days at Disney parks – we went to Universal, where I immediately felt a dense, lower resonant energy surrounding me – surrounding everything. Just like Disney – there were rides, and shops, and restaurants, and street entertainers – but – there was something missing….happiness and a sense of peace.

I immediately collected my family and literally sped back to Disney. Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, I felt the soothing, peaceful warmth of higher frequency energies that surrounded and emitted from every person, place, nook and cranny. It was a cold, rainy night – but simply glowed in positivity. Why?

Could it be that the collective power of social consciousness shared by the visitors manifested into tangible experiences of peace? Unlike Universal Studios, where negligent parents texted on their cell phones while their babies cried in strollers – at Disney – I was hard pressed to find one unpleasant expression, emotion or gesture. And at the moment of the Wishes light show that occurs every evening – I was brought to tears as 50,000 plus humans stood, shoulder to shoulder, in peaceful awe – representing all nations, races, and cultures.

Perhaps, it’s due to the fact that Disney is mass marketed as the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Perhaps, it’s because everyone comes there with that expectation in mind – and therefore collectively manifests this happiness into tangible reality. Perhaps, the lesson to be learned from all of this, is that the power of social consciousness – especially when combined and focused in a collective effort – is, indeed, creating experiential reality.

Does the Bird Realize the Cage Door is Open?

It occurs to me that we are like a bird – intended to fly – but trapped inside a cage, to which the door is, and has always been, open. The bird, unaware that it only needs to focus it’s attention on the opening – stands perched, facing the wall – back to the door. It feels confined, unjustly restricted, hopeless, helpless and disheartened by it’s limitations.

One way to appease this feeling of dissonance is to decorate the cage with personal belongings – artifacts that reflect the inner spirit that remains unrealized. The “bird keeper” – in an attempt to restrain the bird, strengthens the bars, covers it with blankets in order to not “frighten” the bird during times of darkness – limiting it’s vision. The “bird keeper” may even electrify the bars to the cage as a strict reprimand – should the bird entertain notions of challenging it’s captor.

But regardless of how pleasant the bird keeper dresses the cage with food, water, toys and gadgets – the bird knows, in it’s heart, that it’s destiny lies beyond the cage. And regardless of how the “bird keeper” strains to fortify the cage – the door still remains open. The only thing that truly confines the bird is the direction the bird’s attention and consciousness is focused. If the bird focuses on the walls of the cage – it can not see the open door. But if the bird simply redirects it’s focus to the open door – the path to freedom and flight becomes instantly apparent.

Enough is Enough!

Are we ready to turn away from the walls of our cages? Are we yearning to be free to fly at last? Are we willing to turn the focus of our attention to the open door and combine our collective forces  – harnessing the power of our social consciousness on peace?

Remembering that birds tend to fly in flocks – it is time for us to flock together and migrate to the next stage of our human, planetary and universal evolution. There has never been – nor will ever be – a cage large enough, strong enough or desirable enough to contain the power of social consciousness – and so the time has come. This now moment – and every now moment to follow – the time has come to say enough is enough!

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4 Responses to Enough is Enough!

  1. I had a vision of a great white Heron, who came to me with its wings outstretched and flooded me with a warm electrical Energy. I have not been the same since. I find I can’t be unhappy and I can
    only see God wherever I look. The message from the Heron was “prosperity and Light” and that’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing everywhere I go. This elusive happiness and peace does not happen to us. We bring it!

  2. Sister Arlid says:

    The cage is where each one of us in close our conscience. The point of social concerns help me to think of how busy one is when instead of sharing a simple hug, simple hello, or perhaps smile, the focus is on the outside of the mind lost in the Midle of I. The you and I is more important shoulder to shoulder than a box full of chocolate bars. The sweet part is if you are there when I there we can experience the moment which is a present itself. You presence Mather to me as we all must claim for the sun to give us rays in a day with clouds.
    See you soon by the horizon.
    Sr. Arlid

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