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The Fear Factory: The Manufacturing of a Violent Society

The day after the mass murder at the Naval Office Building in Washington D.C. on September 16, 2013, I spent much of the day listening to the talking heads on radio and television as they presented analysis after analysis and … Continue reading

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Olympic Spirit and the Rhetoric of Symbolic Global Unity

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been inundated with all types of messaging – lauding the “Olympic Spirit” as a celebration of global unification. Maybe it’s just me – but something here seems sorely amiss. Yes, we have a gathering … Continue reading

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The Lincoln-Kennedy Assassinations – Sychronicity or Coincidence?

I recently came across this striking set of similarities between factors related to the assassinations of theses two notable presidents. I offer the details here for your consideration and reflection. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were concerned with Civil Rights. Lincoln … Continue reading

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Sychronicity in Our Daily Lives: Do Things Really Happen for a Reason?

Synchronicity can be described as the “magical” coming together of events – the types of “coincidental” occurances that make us sit up and take notice.  You know the drill: just as you’re thinking about a friend or family member, the phone rings – … Continue reading

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