About this Site

This site is about us. Us as a global, human family that has been contorted into divisive subgroups of race, sex, nationalism, religion and political and sexual orientations.

It is about identifying and demystifying the social psychological dynamics that have formed our perceptions and interpretations of reality into an illusion that we call daily life at the hands of those who profit from our continued ignorance, apathy, indifference and learned helplessness.

It is about disclosing the many ways in which institutionalized forms of control, dominance and propaganda have become part of our daily psychological diet and have led to the anesthetizing of the human spirit.

It is about waking up and unplugging from the Matrix of economic, political and social servitude to our rightful place as divine beings – capable and intended as co-creators of our destiny.

It is about science and spirituality and the mutual agreement between the two. It is about truth seeking, veil stripping, and rising to the occasion of a collective unity consciousness where our human differences are celebrated – not feared. Where emphasis is placed on our commonalities versus distinctions – recognizing that we are one divine family.

About the Author

Having been raised on the south-side of Chicago during the Civil Rights Movement, Linda has always been passionate about social justice and human equality. As the parent of a bi-racial child (now an adult), Linda’s pre-graduate interests (in the early 1980’s) led to the formation of Families for Interracial Awareness – a community organization designed to promote the individualism and beauty of interracial children as legitimate and socially recognized beings.

Originally destined for law school to pursue a career as a civil rights litigator, Linda’s academic pursuits shifted to Applied Social Psychology in an effort to explore and dispel the route causes of prejudice and discrimination.

Since obtaining a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology, Linda has worked as a university educator over the last few decades where students find her lectures passionate, direct and grounded in real world application. While still engaged in higher learning, Linda’s focus has expanded to include the scope of “community education” where she conducts seminars and presentations on social justice, global unity and the importance of independent and critical thought.

She has written over 100 columns on matters of social importance that impact our lives and in the past year has twice been invited as an Oxford Round Table delegate where she has presented and published her work on Women and Social Justice.

Her commitment to dissolving institutionalized barriers to social unity is tireless and has brought her to providing this site as a forum for the betterment of earth and the life she supports.



Dr. Linda Steiner (dr.linsteiner@gmail.com)


5 Responses to About

  1. Just to let you know that there are other Lindas here in chicago that adhere to the Law of One. Saw your site via Steve Becker 2012 Scenerio.

    Put me on your mailing list. there is sooo much going on right now. Wow.

    • Hello Linda!

      Thank you for your reply. It’s nice to know that the number of Law of One folks are growing!
      If you would like to subscribe to my blog simply log onto drlinsteiner.wordpress.com and click the “subscribe” tab on the home page.

      I could certainly use a good chiropractor up here in Door County Wisconsin. I used to work for one in Evanston, IL (where I lived for 20 years) and miss her dearly!



  2. Jean says:

    keep the information coming.

  3. Jeanne Cronis Campbell says:

    Re To Change Your Mind is to Change the World: What an insightful, powerful, timely message, one that I wish was on the front page of every newspaper in the country… in the world. Thank you, Linda.

    • Thank you Jeanne – I wish so too! But I think the editorial staff would be a bit nervous about putting such weight behind messages such as these. Therefore, its up to us to forward the message to as many as possible – we need to create our own “front page news” – so to speak.

      Be well –


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