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The Triviality of Attention: Change is Ours for the Making

As we all know, our lives on this planet have undergone many challenges to peace, unification and prosperity. We have been faced with obstacles, both financial and social, that have created limitations to our advancement as a people and planet. … Continue reading

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Sychronicity in Our Daily Lives: Do Things Really Happen for a Reason?

Synchronicity can be described as the “magical” coming together of events – the types of “coincidental” occurances that make us sit up and take notice.  You know the drill: just as you’re thinking about a friend or family member, the phone rings – … Continue reading

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Embracing Off-World Intelligence as an Important Piece of the Puzzle

Does the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitation and influence negate the underlying principles of religious prophecy? Last week, I engaged in a heated debate with a family member over the mounting evidence that humanity may have been visited and influenced by … Continue reading

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