Commitment vs. Conformity: The Social Sacrifice of Staying the Course

It has been my experience that, in the quest to remain true to my nature and committed to serving the mission of Oneness Consciousness, there has always been, and continues to be, a seemingly necessary sacrifice of social conformity to the “norm”.

Throughout history, those who have made the choice to “go public” with their assertions to the cause of Oneness, have become personal, professional and societal targets. From interpersonal relationships to wide-spread media campaigns – those who plant their feet on the soil of Oneness Consciousness appear to invariably find themselves socially challenged, ostracized, ridiculed, shunned and marginalized.

In smaller personal and professional circles, this often translates into compromised relationships with others who are steeped in the “illusion program”. Those who walk and talk the path of Oneness Consciousness are assigned the label of persona non grata. And in extreme cases, those who manage to gain wide degrees of public exposure – amassing a “following” (if you will) – often find themselves threatened, bullied, intimidated and/or killed.

When viewed historically, we have no shortage of examples. From prophets to politicians – entertainers to writers and social activists – we see the same pattern replicated over and over again and the message is loud and clear. Buck the “system” and you’ll pay the price. The translation of this dynamic is simple and to the point. Either conform to the Illusion Program or find yourself excluded, shunned or dead.

Because humans are social beings – we have a powerful need for affiliation. And of course, this makes perfect sense. After all, we are, in reality, One. Therefore, in our journey through the outer illusion of separatism, it’s natural to feel alone – so we seek out the company and validation of others as a reflection of our self-worth. But when viewed with our inner sense, we come to realize that we are never truly alone, as we are inseparable parts of the grander whole – Oneness Consciousness.

The question is – are we willing and able to make the social sacrifices necessary to remain true to this cause? Or, will we continually compromise the authenticity of our hearts to appease and acquiesce to the normative demands of the status quo? I’ve come to the conclusion that – at least up to this point – remaining committed to the cause of Oneness and conforming to social norms and expectations are in diametric opposition to one-another.

As the new, enlightened and more expansive Oneness Consciousness manifests – the clash between the old paradigm of competitiveness, ego and social exclusivity is unavoidable but necessary for change. These perceived conflicts should not be cause for undue concern – as they are vital catalysts that activate our progress forward.

In my work as a university educator, I have always remained committed to teaching my courses from the standpoint of Oneness Consciousness. While not an explicit part of my lectures – my approach, conduct and application has been to highlight the many institutionalized, social barriers to unity. Over the years, I have consistently received exemplary evaluations from my students and have been honored by student nominated teaching awards. However, the way that I am regarded by my colleagues is quite a different story. Despite my effectiveness as a teacher, I find myself an out-cast not worthy of inclusion – let alone direct eye contact when passing co-workers in the hallways.

Had I only been concerned with my own personal achievements and climbing the corporate ladder of academic “success” – I would have changed my ways years ago. I would have reined myself in, toned myself down, and curled into a fetal position in the hopes of not drawing undue attention to myself as one dedicated to the unity of the planet and her inhabitants.

We all must arrive at this difficult decision eventually. Will it hurt? Yes. Will it feel uncomfortable and frightening to “walk the walk” in the face of social opposition? Most definitely. But ultimately, we are faced with the choice of either betraying our hearts by “going along to get along” or drumming up the courage to be authentic, genuine and sincere representations of our personal truths – and letting the social chips fall where they may.

In the words of Marieanne Williamson:Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

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“Spring Cleaning: Grooming Our Energetic Landscapes”

Spring appears to be a traditional time when folks go about the task of clearing out the clutter in their lives. They clean out closets, sweep off the cob-webs, and landscape their grounds – clearing out the unnecessary belongings and debris from their physical surroundings. And while this annual ritual leaves people feeling renewed, refreshed and ready to welcome in the new seasonal cycle – many overlook the areas that are perhaps in most need of attention – the energetic landscape of their daily lives.

In my recent post entitled, “To Change Your Mind is to Change the World”, I addressed the many ways in which the chaos and crisis of our global landscape is directly related to and dependent upon the nature of personal negativity that we engage in on an individual basis. So as we go about the laborious projects of mowing our lawns, cleaning our closets and planting our gardens – let’s not forget to take stock of and tend to the mental, emotional and behavioral sludge that dams the flow of positive energy that connects our inner lives to out outer reality.

Because we are interrelated as one collective energy field, every thought, feeling and action that a single individual undergoes, necessarily impacts the whole. Like individual drops of water in a pond – we each contribute to the purity and clarity of the entire pool. The impurity of a pond becomes polluted due to the contribution of singular, polluted drops that accumulate over time.

A container of pure, distilled water can still be compromised by a single drop of arsenic – rendering the collective whole as toxic – incapable of quenching our thirst.  In this same way, we each contribute our own measure to the collective pond wherein every drop counts. This degree of personal responsibility will come as a shock to many as we reflect on the implications of how each one of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors contribute to and determine the palatability of the collective watering holes on which we all rely.

Many helplessly look at the outer social landscape and feel hopeless and saddened by the violence, corruption and lack of empathy and justice that appears to characterize our world. But how many look inward to assess their own personal psychological and spiritual landscapes to measure the purity of the “drops” they are contributing to the whole.

It’s so easy to feel incapacitated. We tell ourselves, “what can I possibly do to change the world – I am only one person”. Many are overwhelmed by the daily obligations that dictate our lives. Sometimes, it’s all we can do just to keep our heads above water. But this sense of personal ineffectuality is really just an illusion that has convinced us of our impotence toward solving the “world’s” problems. The reality is that we hold the solution right in the palm of our hands. All that’s required is to simply engage in the “spring cleaning” of our personal energetic landscapes.

David Icke, in his discussion of how we can change the flow of the current structure of pain, suffering, fear and lack into one of peace, love and abundance speaks about the concept of “combing the mirror”. He poses the following analogy: if we look at our reflection in the mirror and notice that our hair is mussed – we cannot correct the “outer image” that we see (our reflection) by combing the hair we see in the mirror. We must rather comb the hair on ourselves. As Icke states, “You don’t comb the mirror, you comb your own hair and the mirror changes.” David Icke – Manifesting Your Reality (We Create Our Own Illusion) Fear Or Love – YouTube

So while we may not be accustomed to thinking that what we think, feel and do each day has an impact on the outer world – think again. What we see on the nightly news is merely a reflection of the image that we, as individuals, are presenting before the mirror. So ask yourself, are you engaging in thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are unjust, violent, fearful, angry, defensive and rude?

Do you despise the corruption, selfishness, greed and insensitivity you see in the outer social mirror, but yet fund and consume Industrial-Farmed meat/dairy “products” harvested from animals that lived and died under conditions of brutality? Do you lose patience with an “incompetent” clerk at your local retail store or put the needs of others on hold while you attend to self-serving behaviors instead? Do you react harshly toward your family members because you feel over-tired and stressed? Do you keep your dog chained outside – lonely and isolated from who he considers to be his family pack?

Negativity has many forms, and when combined, this collective bundle of small indignities we perpetrate each day are no less profound in impact than the sensationalized acts of violence that make the front page.

So this spring, as you’re preparing your physical environment for a new season – take stock of your inner landscape. Be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and make the adjustments – however small – to bring your inner landscape into alignment with your ideal vision of a better world. In the words of Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” or perhaps even more to the point, “Happiness is when what you think, how you feel and what you do are in harmony”.

We will never transform the outer world’s reflection by our repeated and failed attempts at “combing the mirror”. It is only when we take personal responsibility to put forth the effort to change ourselves as individuals that we may begin to change the whole. It’s springtime, and our gardens await our seeds. It’s up to each one of us – what you plant today will determine the collective harvest of tomorrow.

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From Family to Freedom: Coming to Terms with Pain from the Past

Just the other day, I read an article from someone who, now in his middle-aged years, found himself plagued by feelings of hatred and animosity toward his mother for the abuses that he had incurred as child. He spoke about difficulties that he now had in his adult relationships where he would pull away from his wife, without realizing it – or understanding why. This article addresses this gentleman’s experiences and speaks to the broader issue of how we can come to terms with pain that was inflicted from our early or past relationships.

First of all – the classic approach-avoid scenario in relation to intimacy is VERY common and VERY normal in situations where children are raised in homes that display both Love and Rejection (or at the least – repeated disappointment).

But, it isn’t really so much Love/Hate – as it is Love/Fear. There are only two energetic forces – Love and Fear – all other negative emotions (including hate) are simply derivatives  that arise out of fear.

I was raised by an alcoholic mother and my father committed suicide when I was 9 years old. My mother would be sober during the day (Love) but then every night would transform into mother from hell and abuse me (Fear). As I grew older and entered into intimate relationships as an adult – I went through the same process – approach (because I knew love was possible) but then avoid (because I had learned that the love never lasted).

These feelings are very primal – they are reflexive – and are often triggered “pre-cognitively” (before thinking). They are like knee-jerk responses. Ironically, sometimes things are the hardest when everything is going well in our relationships because we are consciously or unconsciously waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sometimes, we may even go so far as to sabotage the good just to make sure the pattern that we expect plays out – rather than waiting for it to happen.

Please know that Hate is simply not going on. Anger is the same way. It’s like reducing fractions – Hate is 4/8 – Anger 2/4 – but when reduced to the smallest extent possible – we have Fear at 1/2. Fear is the “sponsoring” emotion. And of course when it really comes to down to it – Fear is just the absence of Love.

Just like darkness and light. Darkness really has no substance in and of itself. Unlike light – darkness only appears as the absence of light. Picture a darkened hallway (like a motel corridor). You have no light in the hallway – but each room, behind each door, is lit. If you open one of the doors – the darkness doesn’t spill into the lighted room – it’s quite the other way around.

I’ve been there as well, and have only recently come to terms with it. I cared for my mother for the last 13 years, and finally in hospice, she passed away at home last April. Despite all the childhood abuse, I loved and forgave her – realizing that she sincerely loved me to the best of her ability.

Many of us feel that our childhood has long since passed – it is no longer a part of us and we should just “grow up”. But just like a tree, our early years are still buried beneath the outer rings of our maturity and remain part of our core. In many ways, the inner rungs of our youth form the very foundation upon which our adult lives are formed. Now, as we react and respond to buried feelings triggered by childhood events, we must reach deep within ourselves with love toward that wounded inner child.  Know that when you experience surges of pain related to your past – you are only reacting to the “Little You” who is buried deep inside who is calling out to be heard –  finally ready to transcend all the childhood pain. Connect to your Higher Self and reach out your hand to him or her. Tell them you love them and that’s it’s okay now – they are safe. Ultimately – there is only love to be concerned with – and there is more than an ample supply to draw upon.

We must forgive our parents – as their journeys were their own and we may never know what it was like to walk a mile in their shoes. Realize that whatever drama ensued within your family acted as a catalyst for growth – and ultimately, you have your parents and all their problems to thank for making you who you are today. And perhaps most importantly – forgive yourself. Don’t harbor any guilt over feelings toward them that represent your pain. Our pain is the gateway to growth – for one never evolves from the sanctuary of a complacent comfort zone. Like labor pains, the end result of tragedy is the birth of new perspective, strength and compassion and our doorway to a more expansive expression of self.

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To Change Your Mind is to Change the World

In the last few weeks we have, once again, been presented with various examples of the vulgar and violent abuses we perpetrate against one another. From the Boston bombings to the cyber-promotion of violence against women – we continue to lament over our convictions that a peaceful and loving end is in nowhere in sight. We respond to these events with anger, sadness, hopelessness and fear – and perhaps worst of all – we respond with apathy toward a world gone awry.  Our overwhelming sense of helplessness only compounds the struggle, culminating in a collective sigh over our burdens to bear.

While I could write volumes on why men abuse women and then proudly boast about their perceived “conquests” – what good would it really do? Would it really help to espouse, once again, that we are a society that sanctions and glorifies violence, power, domination and greed? And what would it accomplish, to once again, point out that males who abuse females are not so much psychopathic individual personalities as successful bi-products of a psychopathic social structure that teaches and rewards males who conform to social expectations of brutality?

Are we finally prepared to acknowledge the symbiotic link between war, football, hunting, industrial farming, inhumane business practices, violent video-game/movie/television content and the tragic outcomes we encounter or learn about on the nightly news? I’ve honestly become resolved to the fact that we’re simply not making the link between what we mindlessly engage in and accept and the daily tragedies that we continue to face.

While watching the news last week, we listened to the “experts” question whether the Boston act of terrorism was “domestic” or “foreign”. And again I ask…what’s the difference? Is the act any less heinous if committed by an American vs. foreign born individual or group? We still haven’t realized the full measure of how our preoccupation with these inconsequential subtleties reflect our immaturity as a global population and fuel the very conflicts we so desperately oppose.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” But we still haven’t internalized the gravity of this realization. We are still very much immersed in the “us” vs. “them” mindset. As long as we remain resolved to conceptualize the world in this way – we’ll be hindered in our progress as a human community. Just like the convict dragging around a ball and chain – we’ll remain shackled to the false premise of duality.

So once again – for what it’s worth – we are not separate and wayward travelers – adrift in space – alone and abandoned. We are ONE. The thoughts, feelings and actions of one are inextricably connected to the thoughts, feelings and actions of all. We must stop focusing on the minutia of specific and singular events and broaden our perspectives so that the BIG picture can come clearly into view.

We must reflect – deeply – about our interconnectedness and stop dwelling in the realm of individual conflict and the assignment of blame. We must realize that we each bear the responsibility to mindfully contribute the full measure of our potential in every moment of every day – in every situation and with every person, animal, plant, and rock we encounter.

Due to no fault of our own, we have forgotten who we really are. Having spent generation upon generation living under the socially program-induced paradigm of struggle, violence, hatred and fear – we have lost our identities and the power of our social consciousness has become disenfranchised. And while I would argue that none of us came out of the womb aspiring to the lowest order of human potential – our orientation and induction into the mentality of victimization has obscured our ability to envision a different and more loving existence.

Unity is not merely a “concept”. Unity is a verb – denoting action. To unify is to bring together – to meld into a cohesive whole. Unity cannot, by definition, be accomplished in segments. Like a circle, it must be continuous – without beginning or end – without angles or diametrically opposed points.

If you’ve grown weary of the violence, abuse and fear scenario – then change your perspective to one of peace, love, equity and joy. Changing your “outlook” will result in your change in behavior and the choices you make. These changes will trigger a domino-effect of social transformation that will catch like wild-fire until the whole of the global population has been ignited with the energy of Oneness. In short – to change your mind is to change the world.

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The Guise of Separatism

We have been alone for far too long. We’ve been living under the guise of separatism when, in fact, we are one. One with each other, one with nature, one with the universe.

At the present time, we’re undergoing massive changes and shifts – not only on the molecular level, but socially, politically, geo-physically, cosmically and spiritually.

The changes are divine and will culminate in the next step toward our intended destiny…our journey back home. But as any traveler knows, there may be many roads leading to a destination and we must choose which path to take. But will the choice we make really be an authentic reflection of our own free will? Or will it be a manifestation of what we’ve been conditioned, socialized and programmed to choose?

Most of the world is arguably unaware of the differences between the two – as the lives we’ve been “taught” to lead have led to the hard-wiring of our misperceptions, the legitimization of illusion and the propagation of deceit. So much so – that many of us may struggle with distinguishing the truth from the falsehoods.

While ignorance may appear to be bliss for those who are currently leading lives of luxury, privilege, comfort and ease – the vast majority of the world’s population is burdened with fatigue, stress, hunger, despair, disease and abuse. But even those privileged few, who believe themselves to be insulated and above such concerns, are too, caught in the web of illusion – as we’re spun into a Matrix-like, psychological infra-structure through which we view ourselves and the world around us.

Like tinted lenses, we gaze at our lives though the spectacle of contrived images, carefully and strategically constructed to maximize our ignorance, apathy, indifference and preoccupation with and dependency on senseless materialism.

It’s not so much that we’re told “what to think, but rather what to think about”. It is our mental and emotional focus that guides our actions and choices. And just like is said about leading a horse – if one can control the head – one can control the animal.

We’re conditioned by public and private schooling where we’re fed false truths about human history.  We are manipulated by the institutional control grid that insists on social conformity and compliance and the silencing of voices and ideas that deviate from the “status-quo”. Critical thinking is discouraged – and in its place – we’re rewarded for relegating our cognitive functioning to the simplistic and superficial hands of our mental “autopilots” – from safely within the comfort zone of the proverbial “box”.

We’re conditioned by mass media – in all its glory. From television, movies and video games to commercials, billboards and print media, we’re saturated with products, fears and anxieties and mindless forms of “entertainment” and “news” that distort reality and withhold the facts.

Because the majority of what we’re exposed to deliberately targets lower-order brain functions of hunger, thirst, sex drive and the fight (aggression) or flight (fear) mechanisms – thinking deeply and critically about ourselves and the world around us is not commonplace.

Many of us still think “inside the box” for a variety of reasons. Some are in denial, some are made timid by the social coercion that’s directed at those who think “outside the box”, and perhaps most sadly, there are those who think “the box” is all there is to think about.

Is there a reality outside of the “box”? Are all those who speak of things foreign to the box crazed lunatics? Might it be possible that life “inside the box” is nothing more than a narrowly defined, restrictive space that serves more as a jail cell than a comfort zone?

Could it be that the divine boundaries of our existence are so much more expansive than the box allows – and that our growth has been stunted, horizons limited and free choices curtailed – if not abandoned entirely?

Might it be that many boxes have been created, labeled and set apart so that we might emphasize our distinctions as a divide and conquer strategy that manifests a guise of separatism between us? These boxes are not our rightful homes… they are psychological containment camps meant to undermine the unification of humanity so the “powers that be” may continue to reign unchallenged and unconcerned.

We possess enormous individual and collective potential. Like separate glints of light dispersed through a prism, we dance in different locations but are comprised of, and dependent upon, the same Source.

We are one.We are not alone. We are not weak, feeble or helpless. And we are – most definitely – not in a box.

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The Messages Have Been There All Along – Positive Thinking – Part 2

In my previous post The Power of Social Consciousness | Just another site, I discussed the difference between thinking positively and positive thinking. I stated that while thinking positively entails an optimistic and wishful outlook on life, positive thinking involves having certainty and absolute confidence about the thoughts you may have. This distinction is the difference between “wishing” and “knowing” that something is true.

In my previous post, I pointed out that while “hoping for the best” has it’s merits – until and unless we raise our hopes to the levels of certainty – our hopes will remain as “wishful thinking” versus the “calls to manifestation” we wish to experience.  In this follow up article I want to highlight that we have been aware of this meaningful difference all along – although we may not have consciously realized the implications.

Children have been introduced to this notion in the story of the “Little Engine that Could” – the story of a small train engine that must meet the seemingly insurmountable challenge of climbing a steep hill. In the beginning, the little engine is paralyzed with doubt in its ability to meet this challenge due to its small size and self-perceived weakness. But as the little engine picks up steam, it begins to chant, “I think I can, I think I can.”  However, it isn’t until the little engine proclaims, “I know I can” that it finally achieves its intended goal. Hence, the difference between thinking positively (I think I can) and positive thinking (I know I can).

We are keenly aware of this subtle, but key, difference without being taught about the distinction in explicit terms. We possess an internal and organic awareness that “thinking vs. knowing” can make all the difference. For example, imagine that you have someone who is the subject of your heart’s desire. In an effort to see if your feelings are reciprocated, you may ask, “do you love me?” Notice the striking impact of the following two responses in relation to this question. If the person replies, “I think I may love you” – we are likely to become disheartened because it appears that our beloved is uncertain. But if our beloved replies, “I love you too”, we rejoice in the absolute certainty of their statement.

In matters of the heart, we always look for the definitive statement. When love is spoken with certainty, we feel secure. But when statements begin with “I think…” vs. “I know…”, it places us in a condition of ambiguity. In this way, thinking positively can easily remain in a state of tentativeness, uncertainty and doubt. Whereas positive thinking asserts statements of certainty, confidence and surety.

In fact, in matters of all human relationships, this difference exists. If we are addressing someone in the workplace, family, etc., and we ask, “Are you sure you can accomplish this task?”, the same two options exist. If the person replies, “I think I can” – we will not feel as secure and confident in their efficacy than if they were to reply, “I know I can.”

The “powers that be” are keenly aware of the impact of certainty vs. uncertainty. We have been socialized in a paradigm that glorifies doubt, uncertainty and feelings of insecurity. From politics, religion and mass marketing to personal degrees of self-esteem, the messages that we must always remain in a state of insecurity and doubt saturate and permeate our very existence. We are taught to doubt one political party over another, doubt one religious faction over another, doubt our state of health and well being and, most importantly, doubt our own degrees of personal worth and empowerment.

But what if we were to all acknowledge and embrace our ability to call forth the world we  envision – with unwavering certainty – a world of love, peace, abundance, equity and equal opportunity rather than merely “wish” for such a world? I propose that the outcome of such collective certainty would manifest the changes we so desperately desire and deserve.

Hip-Hop culture coined a phrase in the 1990’s that speaks to this difference. An often held lyric turned colloquialism is, “Act Like You Know.” So if you have come to realize the importance of thinking positively, yet feel that your optimism isn’t bringing forth the results that you’ve envisioned – the reason could simply be because you have only made these cognitive assertions at the level of “thinking” something will come to pass, rather than “knowing” that what you think will come to pass.

The key is to simply “Act Like You Know” and the universe will respond accordingly.

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Thinking Positively vs. Positive Thinking: The Difference is the Key

Since 12/21/2012, I’ve been immersing myself deeply in the study of positive thinking. We have all heard, from various sources, about the benefits of maintaining optimistic trains of thought as we attempt to manifest positive experiences in our daily lives. We’ve also heard many sentiments of frustration and disillusionment from those who, despite their efforts to hold positive thoughts, find that nothing has really changed.

I’ve emerged from my period of reflection with the following conclusion. There is a profound and meaningful difference between thinking positively and positive thinking. Thinking positively involves holding an optimistic outlook on life – seeing the glass as “half-full vs. half-empty”. It involves wishful thinking – imagining wonderful outcomes, and hoping, dreaming, and praying they will come to pass. And while thinking positively is certainly important and useful – it is only the first phase necessary to complete the manifestations we envision as our ideal world.

We have been told that we are creators and co-creators of our own destinies. We have been told that the “now moment” is all that truly exists. The past is past. The future is what lays in wait (at least in a linear timeline). But as creators, we are the ones who are dictating what future experiences will manifest in our lives – personally, socially and globally. We are like artists before a blank canvas. We determine the colors and brush strokes that paint what our future picture will look like. When we think positively, we simple dream, wish, hope and imagine what our ideal picture may look like. But when we engage in positive thinking, we know, with certainty, what picture we fully intend to create!

I am not merely posing an argument of semantics here. I am pointing out that the term “positivity” has a dual meaning. And inherent in this difference lies the key to true creation and the manifestation of what we desire. On one hand, the term “positive” means good, beneficial and optimistic. On the other hand, the term “positive” means confident, certain, committed and absolute.

Have you ever asked someone if they “knew” something was true and they replied by saying, “yes, I know”? Have you ever followed up this reply with, “are you sure?” – to which they’ve replied, “yes, I’m positively sure!”?  Herein lies the difference. One who is thinking positively is simply thinking “happy thoughts” – which of course is important. But one who engages in positive thinking is creating with thoughts of certainty! Now if thoughts translate into manifested experiences, we must do more than simply “wish” for a life we want to experience. We must also take it one step further and “know”, with certainty, that this will be the outcome we will experience. In other words, we must be positively sure that what we are thinking positively about will come to pass.

If we remain in the place of thinking positively about what we “wish” to be true – our thoughts will only remain at the level of conceptual ideas vs. calls to manifestation. Just like the artist who is pondering what to apply to the blank canvas – at the outset, we imagine the image we “wish” to create. But once the decision is made to actually to place brush to canvas -the artist moves into a definitive posture – positively sure about what creation is being willfully intended.

Take for example the iconic phrase, “Be Still and Know that I Am”. Indeed, the knowing is the key  – not the wishing, hoping or dreaming. This type of positivity – certainty, knowing without a doubt – is the difference between true positive thinking and simply thinking positively. It may strike us as strange that we possess this kind of power – to manifest what we willfully intend. We are more comfortable and familiar with ideas that we simply fantasize about. But it is only with this added measure of positive certainty that we will find the true measure of our potential in our divine roles as co-creators.

As in love itself – we needn’t acquire the validation of anyone else to know – without a doubt – that we love our children, parents, spouses, etc. In this same way – we must gain the same degree of certainty when it comes to our unwavering confidence in our ability to paint the canvas of our futures in accordance with our own ideal visions. Every “now” moment that we experience was born out of our prior conscious or unconscious intention. So ponder, imagine, dream about what images you wish to place upon your personal and collective canvases – but then, take the next step as you place your brush to its surface. Be certain, confident and positively sure of its perfect magnificence – before you make your first stroke.

Nova Earth is your canvas – as is your heart. Paint with the colors of love and the outcome will be absolutely, positively and perfectly glorious!

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