Thinking Positively vs. Positive Thinking: The Difference is the Key

Since 12/21/2012, I’ve been immersing myself deeply in the study of positive thinking. We have all heard, from various sources, about the benefits of maintaining optimistic trains of thought as we attempt to manifest positive experiences in our daily lives. We’ve also heard many sentiments of frustration and disillusionment from those who, despite their efforts to hold positive thoughts, find that nothing has really changed.

I’ve emerged from my period of reflection with the following conclusion. There is a profound and meaningful difference between thinking positively and positive thinking. Thinking positively involves holding an optimistic outlook on life – seeing the glass as “half-full vs. half-empty”. It involves wishful thinking – imagining wonderful outcomes, and hoping, dreaming, and praying they will come to pass. And while thinking positively is certainly important and useful – it is only the first phase necessary to complete the manifestations we envision as our ideal world.

We have been told that we are creators and co-creators of our own destinies. We have been told that the “now moment” is all that truly exists. The past is past. The future is what lays in wait (at least in a linear timeline). But as creators, we are the ones who are dictating what future experiences will manifest in our lives – personally, socially and globally. We are like artists before a blank canvas. We determine the colors and brush strokes that paint what our future picture will look like. When we think positively, we simple dream, wish, hope and imagine what our ideal picture may look like. But when we engage in positive thinking, we know, with certainty, what picture we fully intend to create!

I am not merely posing an argument of semantics here. I am pointing out that the term “positivity” has a dual meaning. And inherent in this difference lies the key to true creation and the manifestation of what we desire. On one hand, the term “positive” means good, beneficial and optimistic. On the other hand, the term “positive” means confident, certain, committed and absolute.

Have you ever asked someone if they “knew” something was true and they replied by saying, “yes, I know”? Have you ever followed up this reply with, “are you sure?” – to which they’ve replied, “yes, I’m positively sure!”?  Herein lies the difference. One who is thinking positively is simply thinking “happy thoughts” – which of course is important. But one who engages in positive thinking is creating with thoughts of certainty! Now if thoughts translate into manifested experiences, we must do more than simply “wish” for a life we want to experience. We must also take it one step further and “know”, with certainty, that this will be the outcome we will experience. In other words, we must be positively sure that what we are thinking positively about will come to pass.

If we remain in the place of thinking positively about what we “wish” to be true – our thoughts will only remain at the level of conceptual ideas vs. calls to manifestation. Just like the artist who is pondering what to apply to the blank canvas – at the outset, we imagine the image we “wish” to create. But once the decision is made to actually to place brush to canvas -the artist moves into a definitive posture – positively sure about what creation is being willfully intended.

Take for example the iconic phrase, “Be Still and Know that I Am”. Indeed, the knowing is the key  – not the wishing, hoping or dreaming. This type of positivity – certainty, knowing without a doubt – is the difference between true positive thinking and simply thinking positively. It may strike us as strange that we possess this kind of power – to manifest what we willfully intend. We are more comfortable and familiar with ideas that we simply fantasize about. But it is only with this added measure of positive certainty that we will find the true measure of our potential in our divine roles as co-creators.

As in love itself – we needn’t acquire the validation of anyone else to know – without a doubt – that we love our children, parents, spouses, etc. In this same way – we must gain the same degree of certainty when it comes to our unwavering confidence in our ability to paint the canvas of our futures in accordance with our own ideal visions. Every “now” moment that we experience was born out of our prior conscious or unconscious intention. So ponder, imagine, dream about what images you wish to place upon your personal and collective canvases – but then, take the next step as you place your brush to its surface. Be certain, confident and positively sure of its perfect magnificence – before you make your first stroke.

Nova Earth is your canvas – as is your heart. Paint with the colors of love and the outcome will be absolutely, positively and perfectly glorious!

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4 Responses to Thinking Positively vs. Positive Thinking: The Difference is the Key

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  2. Eli says:

    I love your stuff. What a subtle yet great differentiation between the dual meaning of positive.The philosophical and Talmudical style of your writing gravitates towards me.

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