Ascension is Like Falling in Love – Don’t’ Over Think It!

I’m aware that many are feeling the pressure right now as we move into our final days approaching 12/21/2012. I have been reading all of the angst that has been plaguing those who are undergoing intense reactions – both physical and psychological.

We have been forewarned that this would be the case and we rush to make sure that all of our loose ends are neatly tied as we deal with our baggage issues. Normally, when we plan for a trip, we pack what we need, want, and may find useful while away. But for this trip – we needn’t pack a thing. There is nothing we need to take with us – save our hearts.

This is a foreign concept to us. But it is so – and our time is best spent grounding ourselves at the core. Finding the calm eye of the tornado and turbulence that we see all around us can be a difficult thing. Tragedies seem to be escalating – but just as an abscess coming to the surface – negativity must come to a head.

Many are engrossed in analytical reasoning at this time. How, when, why, where and what will happen to us? But from my vantage point, Ascension is like falling in love. It just “happens” when we are ready and our star-crossed destiny unfolds, at times unexpectedly and quite unbelievably, right before our eyes.

We cannot question, analyze or even comprehend the full measure of Love’s nature – but feel it, we do. So if you’re worried about being “ready” or obsessing about whether or not you are worthy – remember that falling in Love is always mysterious and impervious to analytical reasoning.

Therefore – Ascension is not just about Love – it’s about falling in Love and falling into Love. It requires a leap of faith off a cliff into an abyss of heavenly joy. If you reflect on a time you have been in Love – did you have all the answers? Did you know, without a doubt, that you would be safe? Were you positively certain that your love would be returned in full measure? I doubt it – but did it stop you from feeling Love in your heart?

Relax my friends. All is as it should be. Forget the drama and immerse yourselves in the Divine proposal being offered – and when asked – simply smile and say – yes!

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