Lyrics from the Heart

One evening, not too long ago, I began to hear the most profoundly beautiful cello concerto while reading in bed. It appears as though I was the only one who heard it, as my husband only heard silence. It was loud and clear – so clear in fact, that I was able to sing along and write down the music.

The next day, I couldn’t get the hauntingly beautiful melody out of my head. So as I immersed myself in the music, lyrics came to me. No – not to me….but rather through me.

I share them with you here – and only wish that I could also share the wondrous music that inspired them.

“Care free – all fly away now

All free – forever stay now

Letting go of anger – Letting go of fear

Set your sight upon the Light that draws you near

 Care free – all be as One now

All free – shine like the Sun now

No more self-protection – No more casting blame

Set your gaze upon the blazing Violet Flame

Feel the might…See the light …Be the Light …

Raise your voices in song now

Sing out loud, clear and strong now

Songs of harmony – Divine symphony

Let our chorus rise above in Unity

Feel the might…See the light…Be the Light…”

Namaste my friends –


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