“I Thank You All: A Letter of Eternal Love and Gratitude”

As these last few weeks of 2012 come to a close, I am moved by the resonance of experience gained in this blessed realm of third dimensionality spent cradled in the arms of my beloved mother, Earth.

I find myself waxing nostalgic – as I reflect on the many and varied events, sensations, joys and pains that have culminated in my current journey upward and onward on the path that is my spiritual evolution.

And while none of us can truly know what lies ahead – I feel increasingly compelled to say “good-bye” – as it were – to this most recent leg of my journey. But it’s not so much the sentiment of “farewell” as it is the expression of my heartfelt gratitude for the experiences gained, relationships loved and lost, ceremonies cherished, and indeed, sorrows mourned.

To my beloved Earth – I have loved you more deeply than any love I have ever known. I have devoted the sum of my being to your praise, protection, defense and beauty. If I have had only one desire – it has been to see you flourish in freedom and liberty to shine according to your highest potential and to stand, ever present, as your guardian, as you progress toward your evolutionary destiny.

I wish, at this time, to express my heartfelt appreciation for all that you have shared with my being over my most recent incarnation on your planetary embodiment. Thank you for your beautiful and glorious oceans, seas and lakes – rivers, streams and shorelines. The movement of your living waters has rushed love, light and power through my soul.

Thank you for your majestic mountain ranges, peaceful meadows of pastoral tranquility and the eternal powerful wisdom of your forests where I have felt, to the depths of my being, the esoteric knowledge that has acted as a catalyst for my growth and understanding.

Thank you for the ebbs and flows of your seasons that carried me along through the years – bestowing the knowledge of divine cycles. I thank you for the tenderness of the new, spring green – promising the warmth that follows the peaceful and introspective hibernation of white winters. I thank you for the full bloom of lazy summer’s evening light – lush and alive under the watch of starry skies. And especially for the rich and vibrant hues of golden-red autumns – whose crisp air and fallen leaves beckon our focus to the realization that change is the only constant – I thank you.

Thank you for your animals – every blessed heartbeat that has walked, swam, flown, or slithered in your embrace – as they have been my joy and constant companions over these many years. In times of my greatest feelings of isolation and sorrow – while learning the lessons of this dimension – your animals have been my constant guides and sources of unconditional solace when other humans have fallen short of the unity I so craved. I remain a passionate, steadfast advocate and guardian of their purity and organic connectedness to all that is.

And to the elements – I owe my gratitude and praise. To the fire that has fueled the breadth and focus of my passion – demonstrating that – that which warms and gives light – can also burn and destroy if used unwisely. To the water that has allowed me to plunge the depths of my emotionality as I immersed myself in the connection to nature’s cycles – floating when in need of rest – or contributing my tears of sorrow and joy to the tides of liquid energy. To the air and wind that allowed my thoughts to take wing and soar among the clouds – offering vantage points of heightened perspectives. And to the soil beneath my feet that encouraged the gravitational grounding of my spirit to the practicalities of solid matter.

If I had only one wish to be granted – it would be to ensure the continuation and success of your evolution, in accordance with your will, in such a way as you would only know love, peace and eternal support from those who have depended upon you for their very existence. And although I cannot, with certainty, fully understand why – I feel that I have always known you, loved you, and will forever be your faithful servant and dedicated companion.

To the peoples of this Earth, I wish to convey my gratitude for having provided me with the experiences necessary for my spiritual evolution. You have taught me, by example, discernment in my actions with regard to my human brothers and sisters. In more ways than I can measure, you have exemplified the depths of darkness, pain, deceit and selfishness and, for much of my lifetime, have left me broken hearted, sickened and hopeless – and for that, I thank you. For without the blatant egoism that has gushed forth from your greed for power, domination and control of others – I would not have found my sanctuary and purpose in the service to others that has defined my work during my time here.

But despite the darkness you have manifested, you have also offered many sources of light, happiness and joyous celebrations. To those who have manifested and shared their creativity – I thank you for awakening my senses of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures that have given dimensionality and inspiration to my life.

Thank you for your music, art, festivals and menus rich in physical pleasures and delights. Thank you for the magical wonders of holidays spent in joyful anticipation of sharing union and love with those we cherish.

And especially close to my heart are those who have worked in tireless diligence to promote love and social justice through their acts of selfless sacrifice so that we could awaken and embrace the glory of unity for all that is. To those dedicated souls – past and present – I offer my eternal gratitude.

As a final offering, realizing that we are all unified as one cosmic family, I give sincere thanks for the gift of my son – whose expansive esoteric wisdom and critical seeing-eye have not only served to give my life inspiration and meaning, but have acted as a catalyst for my own personal awakening. I am deeply honored to have been chosen as his mother in his current incarnation as it has been privilege to be in the presence of his wondrous and enlightened spirit. And to my biological family – I offer my sincere gratitude for the sacrifices, great and small, that were offered in love to promote my well being in this world.

As I attempt to bring closure to what has been an adventurous and arduous journey – I am filled with appreciation for all that I have experienced. And in moving forward, to whatever lies ahead – I carry with me all that I’ve cherished as an offering to the source field of the One Infinite Creative Intelligence.

With love and eternal gratitude – I thank you all.

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6 Responses to “I Thank You All: A Letter of Eternal Love and Gratitude”

  1. peter says:

    the incredible body, made of stardust, pales into insignificance when compared to the eternal spirit that dwells within, for the blink of an eye. Oh to be going back to our true home, to be a part of our real existence, the road seems so long at times. I wish you peace. Peter

  2. Hani says:

    What a wonderful, vividly descriptive, deeply moving and incredibly beautifully written letter. I have read it several times today. I am sure many people feel the same we just can’t express it so well! Earlier today I was driving behind a car that displayed the following banner in the rear window. ‘The earth is our Mother treat her with respect’ Have never seen that in a car before. Thank you

  3. Beautifully written, it touched my heart on many levels. Thank you for expressing what I, for one, lack words to do so.

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