Olympic Spirit and the Rhetoric of Symbolic Global Unity

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been inundated with all types of messaging – lauding the “Olympic Spirit” as a celebration of global unification. Maybe it’s just me – but something here seems sorely amiss.

Yes, we have a gathering of people from nations all over the world. Yes, we have listened and watched as athletes are honored to the sound of their national anthems. And yes, we have seen a coming together of globe-trotting spectators – joining in a common location to watch athletic history in the making.

And while several of the “enlightened” websites have drawn our attention to the Olympic Games – labeling the event as an example of unity consciousness – I see it a bit differently.
In my humble opinion – I view unity consciousness as the awareness and celebration of One. To my mind, concrete unity encompasses unconditional love, compassion, cooperation and a melding of individual egoism into an altruistic energy of “WE”  – rather than – “Us vs. Them”.

The Olympic Games (like most other 3D ventures) exemplifies the opposite of unification in my view. Nations from the around the world send forth their “best” athletes to “compete” against others for the grand prize – the all coveted Gold Medal. A badge of honor to be worn by one, single individual, who has “beat out” the competition in a given event. Even within nations, these athletes must compete against other nationals to “qualify” for their right to represent their “countries” at the Olympic level.

So I ask you…where is the concrete aspect of unity in this competitive and individualistic game of “I’m the best in the world at this particular sport”? Although 2012 is upon us, the mass marketing of the Olympic Spirit is simply more of the same, played-out song – but on a grander scale. In my view – all of these accomplished and talented athletes are worthy of recognition and praise – regardless of how the subtleties of their form has been excruciatingly judged by others.

I watched as a Chinese diver bent over in disappointment at only winning a Silver Medal in the final competition – in contrast to the self-congratulatory stance of the Gold Medal winner in that event. Haven’t we outgrown this regimen of “may the best man win”?

It’s time for us to view global unity through new eyes. We must recognize, value and praise the talents and efforts of all concerned and make a conscious decision to eliminate the framework of “the race” and the divisive labels of who comes in first, second and third.

Even our television programming has stepped up the efforts to perpetuate a divide and conquer strategy in everything from physical beauty (America’s Next Top Model) to arts and crafts skills (Craft Wars). Performing artists compete to be the “best” on shows such as The Voice or America’s Got Talent.  And we’ve even stooped so low as to enlist the innocence of children in this quest to be superior at all costs (Toddlers and Tiara’s).

Of course, it’s wonderful to witness all the talent of these marvelous athletes, musicians, and artists – but why must we compete? Don’t we all possess unique manifestations of the Divine energy and beauty that is Existence?

I look forward to the day when we can embrace and value creative expression without judgement, punishment and reward. After all, isn’t life and creative expression the ultimate reward – in and of itself?

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2 Responses to Olympic Spirit and the Rhetoric of Symbolic Global Unity

  1. THANK YOU!!!!! I couldn’t agree more! Friends who were calling this “The People’s Olympics” would, in their next breath, crow about their country winning the latest event. It was ludicrous.

  2. Arlid says:

    It is a grace that there is some one that cares. The caring to help others to see that we must honor human gifts that place them globally into competition knowing that nothing is ours, there is a Suprem been that has giving us those gifts to be share with others. It is with gratitude that I praise this been for the gift of you intellect.

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