The Triviality of Attention: Change is Ours for the Making

As we all know, our lives on this planet have undergone many challenges to peace, unification and prosperity. We have been faced with obstacles, both financial and social, that have created limitations to our advancement as a people and planet.

We have come to accept that hunger, sickness, brutality, prejudice, discrimination and fear are simply parts of “life”. And while there are certainly those who wish to gain power via these destructive vehicles of existence – there is another path – another choice – that is ours for the taking. In fact, change is ours for the “making”!

Many are still ignorant of the cosmic changes that are underway – culminating in this year, 2012. I’ve mentioned this in many other posts – the idea that 2012 will be bring about a “Hollywood-Style” apocalypse of mega-proportions. But this scenario is only presented as a “last-ditch” effort to create and maintain fear, hopelessness and helplessness.

The reality of this year is one of transformation – a dawning of a new age of consciousness designed to  manifest an existence of love, compassion, equality, abundance and beauty. This metamorphosis is taking place due to the increase in light frequency flooding the planet – and indeed the galaxy – as a whole.

But catching and “riding” this wave of higher-frequency vibration is a matter of conscious choice – due to the laws honoring free-will. We are now faced with an amazing and rare opportunity to sit-up and take notice of the changes that beckon our inclusion. But this requires that we wake-up and open our eyes. It requires our conscious awareness – and above all – action.

From the Mundane to the Magnificent

Have you ever taken stock of where you place your time and attention? While we are all beholden to our jobs, chores and other mundane tasks – have you ever considered how you spend the little “free time” that you have? Facebook, video-games, television, I-pods, and the like, have grown to epic proportions – as vehicles of personal entertainment and relaxation. But do these activities really serve a greater purpose? Or, do we engage in these mechanisms in order to divert our attention away from feelings of stress?

The sources of stress in our lives are simply manifestations of a system that has enslaved our time and energy by those who profit from its perpetuation. We possess the inherent power of change in our lives. It can only come from within – not from without. It can only come from our willingness and ability to consciously decide that we no longer wish to live under the shadows of oppression and inequity. We must consciously decide that our vision of a better world is ours for the making. But to “make” a new world requires creation – and creation requires attention, action and intent.

So the next time you are engrossed in posting trivial, self-focused comments about your personal lives, gossiping or sharing news about the latest fashions or techno-devices – take pause and ask yourselves: What could I be doing in this moment to bring about the world I would rather live in. What words could I say – what thoughts could I think – what reality can I imagine that would make the world a place that would allow myself and my children to enjoy and thrive?

It is not our bodies that are the vehicles of change – but rather our thoughts. We manifest, perpetuate and solidify that which we focus on. So, I urge you to consider that the next time you are on Facebook – post something of substance. Something that can foster and facilitate the changes necessary to embrace, utilize and foster the higher-frequency vibrations that are now available for the taking.

If we face the sun – we will absorb the light. If we place our backs to the sun and face aspects other than light – we will merely cast our shadows upon the earth. Change is ours for the making – so make today – and everyday count.



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