To Each An Own Road: The Many Paths to Ascension

I’ve been away for a while. Not because I didn’t have anything important to share – God knows there’s no shortage of significant and pressing matters to explore and act upon. But because I found myself lost in an enigma of purpose and intrinsic know-how.

Sure, I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology. And yes, I have decades of experience as an educator, writer and activist. But I found myself in a quandary over my organic knowledge –  the esoteric kind – the kind that we all have encoded into our DNA.

So much of my life’s work has been outward – as in “combing the mirror” (as David Icke would say). I needed to take a respite and self-reflect. I had to step back and re-evaluate my purpose – as opposed to the purpose – of life.

Over the last two months, I have immersed myself in the writings, channeling and impressions of others whom I respect and, at times, turn to for “guidance”.

But lately, I’ve noticed something. I’ve noticed that by giving credence to others whom I consider “knowledgeable” on the topics of spiritual evolution, ascension and the overall nature and purpose of the whole “awakening” process – somewhere along the line – I lost credence in myself.

While the “guides” that have resonated with me have been invaluable sources of insight, support, comfort and light – I had to learn that their perspectives – while certainly enlightened – were not mine.

Many Roads Lead to the Same Destination

It seems that I became entangled in a snare of social comparisons and the questions began emerging. Am I “doing it” right? Will I  perceive the same Portals, Gateways, colors, sounds and sensations that “so-and-so”  is experiencing? Am I going to “feel” the same way – and if not – does that mean that I’m not on the right track or going about “it” in the right way?

Frankly, these questions became tiresome. It seemed as though the more questions I asked, the fewer were answered. Finally, I found myself at an utter stand still……now what?

Then, emerging from the deepest distance – my inner voice spoke – as if it had been waiting, ever-so-patiently, for my attention to finish with its outer escapades and finally, at long last, return inward. And as I listened, I realized that the only one who holds the map for my spiritual journey is me.

The more I looked outward- the more astray I became – until I realized that I could not plot my path to ascension by fashioning my footsteps after those of another.

The idea is that other folks, like myself, may become distracted or deterred by charting the experiences of those who have shared their personal voyages beyond 3rd density experiences. Of course keeping abreast of communications from higher realms is always helpful – but should not and can not replace or suffice for blazing one’s own trail.

In some ways, I find it disconcerting that some individuals write about their experiences like AAA preparing a road map for your trip cross-country. “First this will happen – and it will look like this. Then that will happen and it will feel like that.”

This may lead some who are actively seeking their own personal degrees of higher consciousness to unwittingly believe that their own experiences must conform to the “sign posts” of other travelers in order to arrive safely at their ascended destination.

Use Your Own Map

We all have one. A blueprint to our destiny. We don’t need “directions” from others to find our way – for they only know the directions to their own destinies. We need only rely our own personal guide – Our Higher Self – to show us the way.

It’s certainly nice to have traveling partners along the way. Those who have gone before us who can tell us about what may lie ahead. But as far as how we get from point A to B…well…that one’s on us.

Use your organic wisdom – it’s there for a reason. Trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Don’t place a “no” on what draws you near, calls to you, or feels right. Don’t place expectations and demands that your experiences must conform to some standard protocol or measure.

Go with you own flow – and the current will carry you all the way home.

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One Response to To Each An Own Road: The Many Paths to Ascension

  1. peter thurley says:

    Perhaps you have learnt a very important lesson;your spirit is unique as is your path through life and whilst it´s nice to have some company along the way no one can live your life or even tell you how. If reincarnation is a fact, as it seems to be, then it makes sense that we are here to learn to make correct responses to the situations that life throws at us, so that we grow in each life. Following this train of thought there will surely come a time when we no longer need to go to school………….

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