The Co-opting of Collective Consciousness – Manipulating the Focus of Prayer

While many of us have learned that the power of social consciousness harnesses enormous potential – we must be mindful of how, where, when and to what aim we focus our meditations and prayers.

A recent headline feature was recently published in a community newspaper entitled “Prayer Warriors Congregate” (Door County Advocate, May 7, 2011). This column covered the coming together of 50 community members in a vigil to mark the 60th annual National Day of Prayer.

The event was led by a coordinator who “directed” the vigil by providing the topics that would be the focus of prayer. On face value, this type of gathering appears altruistic, spiritual and empowering – but begs the question – empowering to whom?

As I read the column, I was intrigued to learn that this particular group had been instructed, according to guidelines from the National Day of Prayer Task Force, to pray specifically for, and I quote “government officials, the church, U.S. military forces, family, schools, media and business.”

This is particularly disturbing in that the recipients of this collective prayer effort represent the same, exact social institutions that are responsible and utilized for programming our states of consciousness into the dependent and enslaved masses we have become!

Is it any accident that, in this time of global consciousness raising, this “national task force” has systematically constructed guidelines that harvest and direct our power of prayer to maintain and perpetuate the control grid of political, religious, economic and  social spin doctors of our societal matrix?

While it is vital that we all exercise the vision of our “inner-eye” as we move into this New Age – it is also essential that we think carefully and critically about how attempts to co-opt our collective consciousness are being enacted in order to support the continuation of propaganda that has gotten us into this mess in the first place.

Prayer – however one wishes to define it – is a powerful vehicle for personal and global change. But beware – there are those who, in full knowledge of this power, aim to thwart our growth, development and God-given rights to actualize our potential as free and divine beings – unshackled from the power structures that have manipulated our choices and controlled our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

With the devastating hardships that face our planet – wouldn’t our prayers be better spent focusing on the abolishment of war, weather manipulation, radiation poisoning, hunger, disease and global hatred and prejudice?

It’s important to read between the lines. Notice that the National Day of Prayer Task Force issued guidelines to support  “military forces” – not the safe return of our troops. They asked us to pray for “the church” – not the sanctity of spiritual teachings and practices – regardless of religious faith.

The power of collective prayer is indeed a force to be reckoned with – but we needn’t a “task force” to stipulate guidelines to be followed. As divine beings – we intuitively know where our prayers are best focused.  I don’t know about you – but with government officials, military forces, the church, schools, family, media and business dictating every step of our lives – it seems to me – that the focus and direction of our prayers should remain well without the confines and limitations of institutional control. Amen!

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5 Responses to The Co-opting of Collective Consciousness – Manipulating the Focus of Prayer

  1. Noah says:

    I’d be curious to know what context they are planning to pray for “media and business.” In other words, are the prayers meant to assist with the continued success and prosperity of media and business? And which media and business organizations are being referred to specifically? I just find the notion of praying for media and business – two institutions, which in their modern day incarnations, are increasingly reliant upon mass manipulation – to be a bit odd.

  2. The column did not specifically address what aspect of media and business were to be supported by the prayer effort – but when taken in combination with the other major institutions mentioned – the entire dynamic of the task force directives are suspect, at best.

  3. Gunnar says:

    Please consider focusing your intent and prayer on the positive outcome, not on the prevention of its opposite. That means instead of opposing war you intend and pray for peace; instead of getting rid of poverty you focus on abundance.

    I prefer to keep it simple, too, and leave the details to the universe.

    Be well.

  4. Thank you Gunnar for your excellent observation and suggestion. You are absolutely correct and I appreciate your pointing out this very important distinction!

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