Conforming to the Program: A Spiritual Twist on the “Sheople” Enigma

One of the cornerstones of social psychological theory and research is understanding our drive toward conformity. Humans are social animals, and as such, we have a need for affiliation – a sense of belonging to the “group”. This need is so powerful that we may misrepresent ourselves, lie to others, and betray our own values in order to frame our image in accordance with what’s considered socially “acceptable” to the status-quo.

Be it physical appearance, attitudes or behaviors – studies have shown that the majority of people will “shape shift” their true nature in compliance with the explicit or implicit expectations and demands of society. Essentially, whatever society deems as “normative” will become the standard to which most people will aspire.

But Who is Society... Anyway? 

Most believe that “society” is the melding of individuals who, while living in a given geographic location, are “governed” by a specific cultural orientation. There is an inherent sense of “fairness” to this perception, as on face value, it appears that culture is born out of the collective. Like in American society, for example. We talk about the great “melting pot” – with each individual and subgroup adding “flavor” to the societal mix.

But in reality, the way “society” has evolved is far from, and anything but, fair. When we “pull  back the curtain”, we find that “The All-Powerful Oz”  is really nothing more than a handful of individuals pulling switches and levers that control the elaborate, wide-scale illusion we call social reality – or cultural society.  And because we’ve been led to believe that society has organically evolved into the collection of norms we now embrace – we readily and eagerly comply with the rules of the “game”.

But Who Determines the Rules of the Game?

Many now realize, or are waking up to the fact, that our perceptions, values, beliefs, interests and behaviors have been programmed, conditioned and manipulated to serve the “men behind the curtain” – or in this case, the self-serving interests of the global power elite. To these individuals, we are nothing more than human resources – livestock to be cultivated and harvested for profit – in other words, a flock of “sheople”.

And flock we do. We flock to the malls, we flock to our television sets and we flock to attain the “American Dream” of consumerism, compulsory schooling, marriage, home, children, work, retirement and death. We fall in line – like nose-to-butt horses on a trail ride – moving mindlessly along because we’ve walked the same trail every day of our lives – never crossing boundaries, never breaking molds, and never stepping out of line. We’ve become more than conformists, we’ve become psychologically enslaved to routine patterns of action and thought – so much so – that many can not fathom an alternate scenario.

Dismantling the Illusion

While mainstream media propaganda and the social institutions of religion, politics, education and industry serve to support and perpetuate our roles as sheople, alternative sources of information bring forth a multitude of information – dispelling our status as cognitive and behavioral prisoners to an unjust social structure. David Wilcock, Alex Jones, Jessie Ventura, David Icke, Michael Moore and a host of others have now provided us with plentiful concrete evidence, scientific facts, experts and perspectives that challenge the “program” we’ve come to accept as reality (see Links page for several sites referenced here).

And while many of us work diligently to unveil the “marked cards” that have been deliberately dealt to the population for centuries, many people still can not break free from the stronghold of mass deception.

This may be due, in part, to the fact that many still rely on mainstream media as their sole source of information (a choice that must change if one is to become truly enlightened about what is really going on in the world). But more importantly, even when incontrovertible evidence is presented, there appears to be a rigid resistance to entertaining any view that fails to conform to the societal “norm”.

The Spiritual Underpinnings of Conformity

Many activists, light workers and proponents of social justice find the task of educating others a daunting task because of the social resistance to anti-conformist ideologies. Even in the face of stark, compelling and undeniable evidence, many people will dig in their heels and simply refuse to think outside the confines of their psychological “programs”.

The field of social psychology can provide volumes of data identifying the causes and functions of conformity. But when viewed from a spiritual perspective, there is also a powerful impetus toward conformity that is often overlooked.

We are, first and foremost, spiritual beings. We have come from a source of Unity Consciousness – One Source of creative intelligence – One energy field – into a life of singularity as individuals. And while social theories may help to address a portion of why we are so compelled to conform to social standards – they fail to highlight that we, as spiritual beings – are compelled by our need to return Home – back to the collective Source of Unity.

This dimension of physical density finds us separate and apart from others in body and location. But whether we realize it or not, our Spirits gravitate toward commonality and affiliation with others precisely because Unity is our one, true reality. Therefore, instead of recognizing the full measure of this truth through outward manifestations of social harmony and unification, we settle for the lesser, more superficial and shallow expressions of “togetherness” by conforming to the status-quo.

What I’m proposing is the idea that we “compensate” for our outward expressions of programmed hatred, prejudice, discrimination and war by counter-balancing these spiritually contradictory dynamics with mindless and blind conformity to whatever standards have been presented as socially “normative”.

The global elite capitalizes on this ironic and distorted human twist by presenting “normative” values and behaviors that, once internalized, lead to further separatism, social conflict and injustice – keeping us far and away from our true nature as collective spiritual beings.

As long as our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are programmed by those who benefit from our separatism, prejudice and hatred – our need for spiritual affiliation will remain deficient. This continued deficiency in spiritual unity will perpetuate our tendency to conform to the status-quo out of a desperate attempt to satisfy our primal, spiritual need for Oneness. But once people recognize their true nature as collective spiritual beings, the need to conform to the dictates of shallow and divisive societal standards will be dispelled.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I can certainly appreciate the frustration, anger and desperation that so many of us feel toward the “sheople” mentality that plagues and hinders the progress of life on Earth. And I, like so many others, have worked diligently to expose the lies and deprogram the complacency, ignorance, apathy and blind conformity of those still caught in the web of deceit.

But serving up an endless list of abuses to the “programmed” masses not only stimulates energy of anxiety, fear, anger and helplessness but also may backfire as the programmed psychology recoils to the comfort of societal conformity.

If we are, indeed, driven by the need for affiliation, connection and a sense of belonging – perhaps all that’s really needed is an emphasis on the commonality of our divine status as members of One spiritual family. After all – it’s Love energy that we seek, and in the end, it is the frequency of Love energy that is our sole, unifying Source of empowerment and ultimate collective freedom.

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2 Responses to Conforming to the Program: A Spiritual Twist on the “Sheople” Enigma

  1. Gunnar says:

    I wonder if anyone submerged in mass consciousness reads and understands your articles. I doubt it, but I myself enjoy to read them 😉

    I tried to wake people up, not any more. The motivation must come from within. I wondered my whole life why people around me were motivated to live the way they do, since I mostly felt miserable and uninterested. Now I know why and am relieved.

    It is my understanding that changes will happen anyway and the people compatible with them can accompany the earth. Others will leave for experiences elsewhere. So far I intend to stay with Gaia.

    Be well.

    • My Dear Gunnar –

      As always, thank you for your comments. I’ve come to the realization that we are only responsible for existing in the Light – whether or not others share our sentiments. We are all on different stages of our spiritual evolution and some have attained the spiritual “maturity” to conceptualize (think) on a higher vibrational frequency.

      Others who appear to “not get it” may hold fast to their perceptions because they are not “ready”. We can not teach a 2 year old algebra because they do not yet have the cognitive maturation to grasp such concepts. Therefore, those who appear to want to stay “asleep” must be viewed as less mature aspects of ourselves and treated with love, acceptance and respect. Even those who choose to emit dark energies into the world are, too, on the same journey as ourselves.

      We only need to manifest our own light – and due to our connection to the collective consciousness – our personal manifestations will impact the whole.

      Namaste –


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