Seeing Is Believing – ET’s, Love, God and Personal Empowerment

I’ve received feedback from readers questioning the legitimacy of ET existence because of the lack of obvious and concrete disclosure. Many people feel that if they can’t “see it” – they can’t “believe it”.

And while there may be a variety of possible reasons why disclosure has not yet been presented to the masses – aren’t there many profound aspects of our lives that we believe in, wholeheartedly, yet are unable to “see”, and some cases, “prove”?

The five basic senses of physicality (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) are limited to detecting a very small spectrum of stimuli. For example, we can only detect a narrow slice of light on the overall spectrum (we can’t see ultra-violet rays – yet we know them to exist). We can not see sound-waves, yet know them to exists. Humans are unable to hear the sound of a “dog whistle”, but yet, the sound exists.

The point is that we must be careful not to discount the existence of realities simply because we are limited in our ability or willingness to detect their presence. This type of reasoning is ego-centered and limits our capacity for knowledge to our own personal frame of reference.

Take “love” for example. If I love my partner – I know love to exist. But can I “prove it” to anyone else? Yes, I can demonstrate kind and generous behaviors toward those I love, but because humans have the capacity for deceit (at least in this density), my outward expressions of love could simply be manipulative gestures to influence another for personal gain.

We can not “see” love. We speak of love as residing in the human heart – but if we were to surgically dissect the heart – could a concrete “thing” called love actually be identified and extracted? No. But yet, we believe in the existence of love because we “feel” its presence and power.

We can certainly talk about the existence of “God” in this same way. For those of us who “believe” in a Higher Power – can we “prove” God’s existence in physical terms? We can point to written scriptures and religious orders that have developed world-wide, but are these manifestations really proof, or simply human artifacts of wishful thinking?

I think that for many who are “waking up” – there is a stark realization of the overwhelming ills that face humanity. Corrupt governance, starvation, disease, violence, warfare, etc. Because we have been socialized (conditioned) into mindsets of helplessness and hopelessness, we typically look to someone or something outside of ourselves to “save us”.

Many look to “governmental or religious leaders” to pave our way out of hardship. We may cast our votes, attend weekly services, but then, return to a passive state of “waiting” for the solutions to come about – not realizing that we, ourselves, hold the key to our individual empowerment and collective progress.

We may reason, “if God truly exists, then why would God allow for such suffering?” Many religious followers look to the coming of “Christ” as our savior from our struggles. And in this same way, many who would like to believe in the existence of ET’s may reason “Why aren’t they landing and helping us?”

But we must realize that this line of reasoning is a bi-product of learned helplessness that has been fostered by the power elite to keep us ineffectual, dependent and victimized. The real question is – why aren’t we helping ourselves?

For those of us who are parents, we know that when children begin to take their first steps, they will stumble and fall. If we rush in to hold them up each time they fail to stand, they will never develop the capacity or self-confidence for independent movement.

In this same way, much of humanity is still spiritually immature. The struggles we face, just like toddlers who are unstable on their feet, are meant to facilitate our growth and development. We mustn’t look outward to “others” for solutions – we must look inward to ourselves.

As it relates to our belief in the existence of ET’s – there are really two aspects to this question. On one hand, we may question whether ET’s exist period. On the other hand, we may question why ET’s have not disclosed themselves to us in current times. These are very different questions and the distinction must be made.

Clearly, if our technology prohibits our current ability to travel across the universe (as far as we have been told), then to other beings, on other worlds, we would not exists to them because they haven’t  “seen” us – yet we do, indeed, exist.

Remember that, before technology allowed for the scientific confirmation of “facts”, most “believed” that the Earth was flat and the center of the universe. It was only through courageous and non-conformist thinking that other possibilities were entertained and explored.

I strongly urge readers to maintain an open mind and heart to all possibilities. What if the mass disclosure of ET’s can occur by “invitation only”? And if so, wouldn’t a closed mind-set preclude the visitations that we so desperately seek as evidence?

Ultimately, we manifest that which we think on a collective scale. So weigh your thoughts carefully and open yourselves to the enormous realm of all things possible.

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5 Responses to Seeing Is Believing – ET’s, Love, God and Personal Empowerment

  1. Gunnar says:

    I very much agree with your approach here. It’s heart warming for me to see someone else with such insights.

    Regarding “official disclosure” – which is really disclosure of the massive harm done by “governments” and people in the shadows – the NSA has recently released files to the public which prove that they know about ETs for decades:

    The documents state that they received messages from outer space and found out how to decode them.

    I went to the NSA home page and checked their files in the public information section. They have more there, if someone has a need for it. I really just care about this because they confirm themselves that they know it – and for a really long time. The documents themselves are from the 1960s says the NSA.

    I really expect this year the fun to start!

    Be well.

    • Thank you Gunnar –

      I did take a look at the links you sent and keep them for future reference. Of course, we know that the truth has been withheld from us – not only on this topic – but most others as well.

      It’s nice to hear from someone of a like mind – sometimes it seems that folks are so determined to remain in the dark about these things.

      Take care and thank you for your reply –


  2. noah says:

    Very well said, indeed! Especially the toddler analogy. The human race must truly learn to collectively pick ourselves up instead of waiting for mommy (big brother) to save the day.

  3. noah says:

    As Canadian hiphop artist Shad puts it…

    I know it’s so cliche but I’m angry that some can’t eat
    Meanwhile I’m letting a damn feast of pastas and canned meats
    Rot in my pantry
    Like lord please can we speak on this frankly
    Like God why you letting this happen?
    Amen, he answered, son I’m askin you the same thing
    Cause you’re supposed to be my servants
    Out here working
    Like you’re my hands reaching out to those that’s hurtin
    You don’t have long on this earth
    And I hope you won’t compromise…

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