Extra-Terrestrial Life – Why Are We Reluctant to Believe?

The wide variety of social forces that have conditioned human perception toward the nonexistence of extra-terrestrial life are far too many to effectively address in this column – but when viewed in totality – it appears as though human interpretation of religious scriptures, science-fiction propaganda, and wide spread ignorance and cultivated fear have combined to render our collective belief in the existence of ETs as implausible, at best. But are these socially constructed conclusions reasonable and accurate when viewed from a scientific or metaphysical standpoint?

Historically, approaches to addressing this question have been limited to the confines of “paranormal” phenomena. Well outside the boundaries of “legitimate” scientific investigation, reports citing evidence of, or contact with, ET’s have been largely marginalized, trivialized, ridiculed and/or silenced. But, if one only takes the time to personally investigate the enormity of data available – it appears as though the world’s population has been grossly misled.

We’re currently undergoing a massive shift in the nature and amount of information we are being offered from the scientific community.  What used to be a topic exclusively reserved for Sci-Fi media, (“unsolved mysteries”, etc.), vast amounts of information from reliable and valid sources are now regularly appearing on the History/History International channels (see Ancient Alien/Astronaut series), as well as the Universe series on the Science channel.  Ancient anthropologists, astrophysicists and theologians are now routinely attesting to the existence of ET visitation – citing compelling evidence that supports the legitimacy of their claims.

Much of the modern world’s population has been reluctant to embrace this realization due to the socialized mentality that has been cultivated by religious leaders, governmental cover-ups, and the fear of negative stereotypes. In terms of religious socialization, we have been led to believe that human life is a unique manifestation of our Creator, warranting singular, specialized status and value.

But modern day theologians are pointing out that many religious scriptures may, in fact, be referencing extra-terrestrial guidance – rather than the religious deities we have adopted and embraced. Many religious followers may feel threatened by this notion – as it somehow challenges their belief in a Divine creator. However, such fears are unfounded. Even if our religious teachings and icons actually came from ancient alien sources – this does not preclude the existence of God – as God represents the Creator of all life – regardless of location.

With leaps in the advancement of modern astronomical technology and metaphysical findings, it’s ludicrous to presume that the vast expanse of cosmic multi-verses (multiple universes) would not be teaming with intelligent life. To cling to the notion that humans are the only intelligent life form in existence is not only a scientifically indefensible position, but heavily laden in egocentrism and arrogance.  From the authentic crop circles that defy any Earthly scientific basis (see YouTube – The Science of Crop Circles), to the megalithic ancient structures (Stonehenge, etc.) and hieroglyphs that permeate sites all over the world, the amount of evidence pointing to the existence of ET visitation is, indeed, extensive.

World governments have been engaging in steady acts of covert operations to conceal encounters with ET’s since WWII. But of late, many current and retired military officers and high-ranking government officials are now coming forward to disclose accounts involving sightings and/or contact with ET beings – especially surrounding nuclear weapons sites and military installations around the world (see The Disclosure Conference, September 2010).

It’s becoming increasingly clear to many that we are entering into a new phase of global evolution and planetary ascension – based on the placement of the Earth’s position in the galaxy.  It’s an understatement to say that we are in for quite a few changes in the months ahead.  I strongly urge readers who find these words “suspect” to embark on their own lines of personal research into the events I’ve described and to resist a knee-jerk response based on the “little green men from Mars” scenario that we’ve been fed over the last 100 years. We needn’t fear the prospect of contact with members of our galactic family that will inevitably ensue in the not so distant future.  We have every reason to usher in this new age with great anticipation and peaceful hospitality – as indeed – we have friends in very high places.

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7 Responses to Extra-Terrestrial Life – Why Are We Reluctant to Believe?

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  3. Desiree Renaud says:

    Good evening Dr. Steiner.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ll bet I can speak for some when I say that the reason I still do not believe in ETs is only because I have never seen one or met one or had a conversation with one, etc. Lacking any empirical evidence of one, why should I be expected to believe?

    I certainly think it’s possible, and plausible, that ETs exist, and I follow many sources who channel those who say they are galactics, and who keep telling us that “soon” we will know of them as some sort of “disclosure” is close at hand. But as I research these people who have been channeling galactics for many years, some for decades, I’ve come to learn that these galactics have been saying “soon” for a much longer time than soon should represent.

    As a result, I’m becoming a bit weary, I have to admit, that there is any truth to any of it and I know I don’t speak only for myself when I share this feeling.

    What could possibly be the reason for galactics to not have already made themselves known to us, or not walk and live among us? Why are ancient texts and even ancient rocks from earth herself supposedly filled with drawings and symbols that point to their existence here before, and yet so few of us have met them?

    If you think about it, they could have decided to become part of our world when America was young. What could our Founding Fathers and early settlers have done if a craft had landed in their village and our galactic friends had said hello and become friendly with them then? Imagine what our world would be like if they had integrated themselves into our world back then before massive weaponry existed to war with them? It would have been a good time for them to mingle with all of the peoples of this world and help us move in a decidedly more interesting, more peaceful direction as a global community.

    Imagine if they had been here when we discovered how to make the bomb? How they could have steered us away from that kind of destructive thinking and instead helped us with other inventions that they were surely more capable of with their advances in technology, etc.

    So why wait to make themselves known in big ways?

    If ETs exist, they have not been marginalized because our governments wishes to keep them secret from the people of Earth, but more so because the galactics themselves have just not made themselves known to enough of us so that we can believe.

    Personally, I’m growing very weary of all the talk that they exist, and I’m ready for one of them to step up to me and say “hello” as any friendly neighbor does. Until that happens, they do not exist for me.



    • noah says:

      I agree with you in that there’s far too much disinformation out there to truly formulate a concrete opinion on the matter. This is why I, personally, don’t really dwell too much on this particular topic. However, I also don’t think it would be very logical to assume that ETs would simply come down and introduce themselves to us or selectively intervene in technological innovation procesees either.

      We have to ask ourselves who these ETs actually are and what their purpose is. Are they simply observing and surveying us for purely scientific means? Are they here to lend a helping hand once we finally evolve to the point where we shed our selfish apathetic values in place of a more holistic and altruistic level of awareness? Is every ET benevolent? Could there be ETs who are here (and have been here) with a malevolent agenda? Or simply, an agenda that sees humans as nothing more than a valuable resource? If so, are the varying factions of ETs aware of one another? Are they at odds?

      It’s a very complicated subject, and frankly, we don’t have the evidence nor the knowledge to truly formulate substantial opinions either way. With that said, it would be a bit naive to assume they don’t exist simply because they haven’t yet knocked on your front door.

      • I couldn’t agree more. And while we really don’t know how or why ET’s are interested in or related to our past, present or future – it is clear that we are not alone in the universe and must re-orient our thinking to be inclusive of what possibilities and potentialities may lie ahead.

  4. Hi Desiree –

    Thank you for your commentary.
    I fully understand your reluctance to accept the existence of ET’s in light of their apparent “elusiveness” in exposing themselves or interacting with us in an obvious manner. But I think we need to realize that we may be dealing with two issues here.

    First is the question of whether or not ET’s exist, period. Next is the question of whether or not ET’s have, or are, or plan to “reveal” themselves to us – in other words, disclosure.

    Just because the masses have not “seen” them – does not preclude or deny their existence. After all, humans exists. And because we have not traveled to other worlds due to our lack of technology (as far as the masses know) – it may appear, by your reasoning, that we don’t exist to other beings living elsewhere in the universe.

    So the question really isn’t whether or not they exist, but rather, where are they?
    For those that believe in “God” – we can not provide “proof” of this awareness. In the same way, how can we prove that “Love” exists. Certainly, we can not prove it to anyone – but the person that feels love knows it to exist as a certainty – whether we can prove it or not.

    If you check out the link on “The Science of Crop Circles” (see my links page) – one is hard pressed not recognize that these manifestations are clear and concrete signs of intelligent communications – although we may not fully realize their purpose.

    I think that many of us would like to believe that ET’s not only exist, but can somehow “rescue” us from the ills of the world. The same can be said about “God”.
    Many may say, “If God exists, then why does God allow so much pain and suffering in the world?”

    There could be multiple explanations for why ET’s have not, as yet, disclosed themselves to the masses. Perhaps humans have not yet evolved enough to embrace a unity consciousness with our galactic neighbors. Perhaps the masses would react with fear and violence. Perhaps our 3rd density is not compatible with an ET bio-structure – in the same way that we must breathe oxygen.

    In terms of “seeing is believing” – much of what exists is not discernible to the human senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Sound waves exists, but we can not see them. We are only able to view a very small spectrum of light – with ultraviolet rays not being visible to us – yet they exist.

    Like you, I too, await the time when mass disclosure takes place – but in the meantime, I remain open to all possibilities – fully realizing that there is much more to existence than meets the human eye.

    Warmest Regards,


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