2012, Ascension, Crop Circles, Mayan Prophecy and more…

2012 – Ascension, Crop Circles, Mayan Prophecy and more…

Because I consider each of you precious to me – it’s so very important that you take the time to read this – and if you like – share it with those close to your heart.

There are some major changes underway that will undeniably impact our planet and the very essence of our existence. And while Hollywood is approaching this change with its typical, commercialized “disaster flick” slant – if one takes the time to research the science and history of this coming event – certain immanent changes become evident (physically, metaphysically and spiritually).

Each one of you has lived your life according to a variety of religious, moral and spiritual principles. But regardless of your personal perspectives or approaches to life – each of you must investigate the data and integrate the findings in drawing your own conclusions.

For those who know me – I’m not one to accept concepts easily or on face value. I’m probably one of the most skeptical women to have ever walked the planet. So if this information is resonating with me – its only because the evidence that I’ve researched for the last several months – when combined with my own intuitive, spiritual senses and experiences – has brought me to the conclusion that this issue is deserving of our careful and immediate attention.

On the winter solstice of 12/21/2012 – our planet will arrive at a location in the Milky Way Galaxy that only occurs roughly every 26,000 years.  This particular cosmic alignment will culminate in the earth and sun falling into alignment with the center of the galaxy (the galactic equator). In the past, when this has occurred, significant changes have taken place. This is simply a natural cosmic cycle that is essentially no different from the other cosmic cycles we already encounter and accept.

The earth spins on its axis once every 24 hours – this is our day/night. The moon orbits the earth every 28 days – this is our month. The earth orbits the sun every 12 months – this is our year. And our solar system aligns with the center of the galaxy every 26,000 years – with the next completion – 2012.

Being that there is so much information on this coming event, I am going to summarize what I have learned. But it’s up to each of you to gather your own information and to draw your own conclusions. I have provided links to sites (see “Links” page) that may aid in your exploration. This is a personal journey – but a necessary one.

The Metaphysical

The fields of quantum-physics and meta-physics tell us that the universe is bound by energy (electro-magnetic energy). From the gravity that holds us to our planet to the life force that pulses through our physical forms – there is energy in all things.

As we also know, the intensity of gravitational pull (or electro-magnetism) changes depending upon where we are located in time and space (astronauts become weightless outside of the earth’s atmosphere).

We are (in our current physical form) carbon based with a certain weight or density that holds us to the earth’s surface. However, just as any other entity or property – we are capable of changing form and density. Take water, for example. Depending upon its current state, water can be dense (heavy) in its liquid or frozen form. But, when its molecules increase in frequency – the density lightens and water turns into vapor which rises up and away from the earth’s surface (as in steam, fog or clouds). When in crystal form, snow-flakes are produced which are lighter in density – and thus float to the ground as opposed to falling quickly like rain drops. But regardless of the form water takes, its molecular structure remains the same.

The human form is the same (as are animals, plants etc). If our energy frequencies were to increase from a carbon-based to a crystalline-base – our physical forms would undergo a transformation and become lighter (less dense).

As the earth approaches its alignment with the center of the galaxy (culminating on 12/21/2012) – the frequency in the earth’s energy (electro-magnetic field) is changing. This change – which is already taking place – has resulted in a decrease of the earth’s gravitational pull by 5% per year over the last several years. It is estimated that this increase in frequency will more rapidly escalate over the next several months and that the polarization of the earth’s gravity may actually shift – resulting in massive changes to our climate, tides, tectonic plates, etc. (hence, the disaster scenario).

However, while this may bring about significant geo-physical changes (Hollywood style) – it also means something else. It means that we will change in frequency as well – and undergo a shift or heightening in frequency resulting in a change from our current carbon-based form into a crystalline structure.

Ascension, Energy and Density

Our current physical reality represents existence on a 3rd dimensional realm (width, length and depth). Based on – and building from – the work of Einstein, quantum-physicists have so far determined that there are more than 3 dimensions of universal realities. The bottom line is that the coming cosmic alignment of 12-21-2012 is creating a shift in dimensionality – such that the increase in frequency of the electro-magnetic energy may cause us to ascend from a 3rd density reality into a 4th dimensional realm of existence.

We already know that our five physical senses (sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing) can only detect a small slice of reality in the 3rd dimensional realm. For example, we can not see sound waves, but we know them to exist. We are only able to hear sounds of a limited frequency or density – as in the case of a dog-whistle, for example. The idea being that there is MUCH more than meets the “eye” so to speak.

Energy resonates at different levels of frequency. Human energy (like all things) resonates at given frequencies – and these frequencies can be observed and measured. Our levels of energy are quantifiable in terms of what type (positive vs. negative) and how much electro-magnetism we emit. Ancient cultures who readily accept concepts such as auras and chakras have integrated this notion into their ideologies for centuries. But for us – in our Western, materialistic and capitalistic societies – we are not introduced to or taught these principles as a matter of routine.

It appears as though 2012 will bring an opportunity that only comes every 26,000 years. We will have the opportunity to ascend into a 4th dimensional realm that will alter our metaphysical qualities (make us less dense and transform us into crystalline form). However, this will not happen by default – but rather by the free-will of each individual.

Energy has density. Positive energy has a lighter density than negative energy. We can readily see the manifestation of this reality in our daily lives. When we are happy and elated, we feel lighter and more energetic. Our positive energy has the power to transform others around us – positive attracts positive – and has the power to transform the negative. When we are feeling depressed, angry or anxious, our energy becomes negative and dense. We feel weighed down and sluggish – and bring down the energy of those around us.

Therefore, during the window of opportunity for ascension – the condition of our energy will determine whether or not we are drawn up into a 4th dimensional realm. Just like a helium balloon – those possessing positive energy emissions will naturally ascend to a higher realm – while those with negative frequencies will be too dense to ascend – and will remain on the 3rd dimensional plane of existence (much in the same way as warm air rises and cool air falls).

This is why I am taking the time and effort to write this and contact each of you. Your growth and destiny depend upon your conscious attention to these concepts, as well as your openness to and exploration of these principles.

If you find 2012 to be just another “hoaxy” gimmick – another “end of the world” prophecy – you are missing the point, and the boat. If you approach this date with anxiety, fear and dread – your energy will become increasingly negative (and dense) – weighing you down. If you are a negative person (which none of you are at the core) and live your life emitting negative frequencies in the world (hatred, greed, selfishness) – you will be weighed down. If you hold attachments to our current 3rd dimensional realm in terms of materialism, power, money, jobs, houses, cars, and even personal relationships – you will be weighed down.

If you envision this coming event (which is already having an impact on our lives as it slowly builds toward 2012) with wonder, anticipation and surrender to this natural spiritual and universal evolutionary destiny – your energy will increase in frequency and become lighter – enabling your ascension to a more enlightened dimension.

The Mayan Calendar and Ancient Prophecies

Many ancient civilizations and religious scriptures speak of the coming events. The coming of the “Golden-Age” or “many will be called – but few will be chosen”, etc., are examples of such testaments.

The earth has undergone major and catastrophic changes four times before – and with each – humanity has evolved in enlightenment. The Mayan calendar has predicted – with accuracy within a 30 second margin of error – each of these events. Regardless of your personal religious beliefs – when you view the data associated with the Mayan predictions (as well as others) – one cannot reasonably dismiss the glaring evidence – especially when viewed in conjunction with current astrophysical observations and findings.

The current world structure (old) is coming to an end. Not just in terms of the planet’s surface and structure (what ever natural disasters might come about) – but in terms of the advancement and enlightenment of spiritual potentialities and progress. Our current system of market economy (money-based) can no longer sustain or support positive evolution and growth. Greed, power, politics, prejudice, hatred, wars, etc. will be left to the third realm – along with those attached to these premises of existence.

One can think of positive and negative energy as light vs. dark forces in the world.  And while polarity is a part of third density existence – it is also true that where we fall along the lines of this polarity may determine our ultimate destination. The changes coming about related to 2012 are forces that are ushering in a rebirth into a new world reality.

There are many among us who are already resonating at a higher frequency – and see these changes – and the need for these changes in our world (research sites on Indigo Children and Light-Workers). Research has shown that many children born into the world today possess a different DNA pattern than others – allowing for increased abilities of creative talent, ESP, telepathic capacities and an increased awareness of 4th dimensional realms. Those of you who are parents/ grandparents, may very well have Indigos as children/grandchildren.

The altered DNA structure of these children mimics the change in DNA structure that is anticipated to occur within us by 2012 as the changes in the earth’s magnetic frequency causes a transformation of our molecular structure into a crystalline form. Molecular biologists and physicists have verified these findings in experiments with altered electro-magnetic fields – with powerful and amazing implications for what lies ahead.

We are all alive during this time for a reason. We all have a personal spiritual purpose on our journey through evolution. Some of us have devoted our lives to fighting the current world structure in search of justice and peace. There are those among us that live in the “light” already. I believe each of you fall into this category – as do I.

The current world structure of our society is held tightly in the grasp of those who are governed by dark/negative energy and motivated by the hunger for power, domination and control. They gain this by utilizing the people of the world as “livestock” resources to this end. By keeping us captive by consistent and deliberate fear-tactics via mass media, corporate banks and industry and pharmaceutical companies – they encourage and perpetuate our blindness and alienation to our own innate powers of divine creative intelligence and potentialities.

This has powerful and dire implications – because as we all focus our attention on the daily struggles and anxieties that permeate our lives (financial woes, health problems and fears related to things such as “swine flu” and natural disasters, etc), we settle for the illusion of mundane existence that the “powers that be” have orchestrated to ensure the continuation of their power and control. To paraphrase a quote that was revealed from a higher-dimensional source – we live in a box, eat from a box, travel in a box, entertain ourselves with a box … and…think in a box.

The Responsibility of Free Will

The new frequencies that are flooding our plane of existence right now are heightening our conscious awareness at exponential rates. God (or whatever term you are comfortable with) is not a man sitting on a thrown – separate and distinct from our own essence. It is the energy force that binds all universal elements together and is manifested or reflected in our own capacity for creative intelligence and conscious awareness.

Our conscious awareness is the very essence of our soul and we manifest that which we think. If we think negatively – we draw negative energy and events into our lives. If we think positively, we manifest positive events and experiences into our lives.

Fear, feelings of defeat, hopelessness and despair are negative energies that prevent our capacities for power, growth and change.

It is our states’ of mind that prohibit positive energies and experiences from entering our lives. For example, when I was living in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with a prior boyfriend – I was desperately afraid and unhappy. His daily threats and acts of violence kept my spirit shrouded in helplessness, pain and suffering. It was not until I had a change of conscious awareness that I was able to seek change and my ultimate freedom. Once I envisioned a life without him – a surge of energy and courage engulfed my consciousness. I began to see (and manifest) avenues for escape. Looking back on these times, I now realize that my real captor was my own state of mind.

The current structure of our society is also abusive and restricts the free flow of positive thoughts and energy in our lives. As long as we remain focused on the fear, anxiety and hopelessness as triggered by the nightly news, military actions, financial woes, disease, etc., we, as a society, will remain enslaved – both physically and spiritually.

All that is necessary to bring about the needed changes in this world is a shift in our conscious awareness.  Once we begin to think outside of the confines of our own conscience limitations (the box), and focus on the changes we would like to see manifested in our personal lives and the world around us, the shift will take place – and a new reality will come into focus.

We have been socialized into a collective state of learned-helplessness and ineffectuality. We have been taught to “pray” to God for assistance – to seek remedies from outer sources (government, religious leaders, experts, etc.). We have become a society of dependents – passively waiting for our solutions to come from without.

This fallacy in approach has us waiting for some kind of “savior” – a knight in shining armor to come to our rescue. Comments such as “if there is a God, why does he permit the injustices in the world?” reflect this type of thinking. The real question to be asked is why we permit it to occur? We have lost our sense of power and effectiveness. God is not without us – God is within us – and can only be manifested and activated by our own connection to and acknowledgment of this fact.

We each have free-will and an inherent responsibility to effect change and growth.  For every experience we encounter in our daily lives – there are choices to be made. We may opt to approach and respond to our experiences in positive or negative ways. As long as we believe that the source of change resides somewhere else – or in someone else – we will remain in darkness – and allocate the decisions that impact our world to others.

We are powerful beyond measure, and when this power is coupled with light and positive energy – we can transform our own existence into whatever we envision. We are indeed divine magicians, avatars and the co-creators of the universe.

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.  Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it.  Action has magic, power and grace.” (Goethe)

Crop Circles and Extraterrestrial Life

While “UFO’s” have been the fodder of science-fiction – it is arrogant and ignorant to ascribe to the notion that we are the only life forms in this vast universe of existence.

Please research “the science of crop circles” (link is on “sites” page). Of late, crop circles have been etched into the fields of our planet depicting exact replicas of the transformed DNA patterns and molecular structures identified by molecular biologists and physicists alike – matching those of Indigo Children and the changes that we, ourselves, will undergo.

There have been messages placed in binary code, that when translated, state that we are to beware of those issuing false promises, and that there will be much pain, but that there is still time – although the conduit is closing.

There have been circles that have depicted, in total accuracy in rendition, the Mayan calendar – beckoning our connection to the end-time date of 12-21-2012. And when you take into consideration the scientific evidence that has been gathered in these authentic (vs. man-made) crop-circles – one can not deny that we have much to learn and heed in these “wake-up” calls.

The Nature of the Soul and Dimensional Progress

I know that, at least for most of you, each has lived his/her life believing in the existence of God. The current data that I’m explaining in this post, is stating that the soul is made of energy in the form of conscious awareness. That all energy is one – a unified whole – and that we are individual reflections and embodiments of this divine and universal energy source.

There are many dimensions of existence that we are to travel on our spiritual journey through the evolution and purification of the spirit. This earthly realm is one of many. 2012 brings the next step. Those possessing positive spiritual energy may have the opportunity to ascend to the next realm.

I’m not referring to death. It has been stated that death releases the energy (soul) from the body – and that if the energy is positive, high in frequency, and therefore “of the light” – it will ascend (like a balloon) to higher dimensions of existence. If, upon death, the energy is negative – it will be too dense to ascend, and will therefore remain in its current realm – to reincarnate into another form.

The 2012 ascension refers to a molecular shift in frequency that will impact those with energy that is positive and light enough to fall on the positive side of the electro-magnetic polarity.

From what I’ve researched (and am still researching) – the 4th dimension will only be occupied by positive energy forces – and thus represent a new and “golden” age of existence. Still in physical form, we will transform from carbon-based into crystalline based. With this change will come lighter bodies, physical healing, telepathic forms of communication, telekinesis, etc. The crystalline form I am describing is on the molecular level.

The idea is that our souls (conscious energies) are eternal and are passing though various stages of spiritual knowledge and lessons – with the purpose of educating and enlightening our spiritual potentialities. As we learn the lessons and pass the tests, we are “graduated” – if we fail or remain idle – we repeat the lessons until we learn the objective – unconditional love and service to others.

So rather than fearing the onset of 2012 – we should be feeling blessed that we are alive during this rare opportunity that only manifests itself (on this plane) every 26,000 years. And realize that our souls are here, and now, for a reason.

The Pineal Gland and the Third Eye

Science has identified a gland that resides in the absolute center of our brain (at the golden mean). This small gland excretes a chemical and becomes activated in the absence of outer, physical light (when our eyes are closed – or in a darkened room). Research has found that this gland contains rods and cones (the same visual receptors that are found in our retina – enabling us to “see” the world around us). However, since the Pineal Gland is activated in the darkness – researchers have questioned why rods and cones are present – since we can not “see” in the absence of light.

Ancient civilizations throughout the world (as well as many world religions) have referenced the “inner eye” as a conduit – connecting our soul to other realms and realities. Neuro-biologists have determined that the Pineal Gland is responsible for the visions we have during the dream state – while other “less scientific” civilizations believed this “inner eye” to be responsible for our capacity for visions, channeling, automatic writings, visitations and out of body experiences.

Neuro-biological evidence reveals that the Pineal Gland also houses transmitters and receptors (similar to those in a radio) – allowing for the transmission and reception of communication. Like an internal antenna – if our frequencies are in-tune – we can pick up signals from other realms. However – just like a radio – if we are not attuned accurately – we will simply pick up static – prohibiting the clarity of messages and communication.

Current evidence suggests that our Pineal gland is much like a worm-hole in space – a conduit by which we possess the innate capacity to open our spirits (conscious awareness) and channels of communication to other realms. Many cultures use forms of meditation to close out the outer world of physical sensation – in an effort to open the channel of the Pineal Gland. Those knowledgeable about chakras (the pools of energy that exists with us) have termed the 6th chakra as the “third eye” – realizing that it represents a gateway to spiritual knowledge and connectedness with Source.

On Your Own

I know this has been a lot to take in. Some of you may intuitively recognize the cosmic and spiritual truths that I’ve written about here. Others may be thinking, “what kind of craziness is this?” But in any case, I am urging each of you to explore and research this on your own (YouTube and Google are good starting points and I have provided links on the “Links” page of this blog to get you started).

My real purpose is to provide you with information to balance the media-hype that is beginning to – and will undoubtedly continue to – surround the coming of 2012. Be certain to think for yourself and be proactive in gathering your own information. Those relying solely on the “nightly news” and mass-media interpretations will be profoundly misled.

I am feeling evidence of these changes on a daily basis – all around me – and within. I am compelled to reach each of you to share what I’ve learned and come to realize. I love you all – and feel that we have always been together – and always will be.


Note: Refer to “sites” page on this blog for links.

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24 Responses to 2012, Ascension, Crop Circles, Mayan Prophecy and more…

  1. Terri Ann says:

    This is an amazing article! I can’t believe there are no comments. Thank you from the center of my Heart for writing this Dr Steiner.

  2. Yvonne says:

    In this one blog post you have managed to cover information that would be included in a series of workshops. Wow! It is a veritable treasure trove of information. Thank you for sharing it so generously Dr Steiner.

    • Thank you Yvonne – While this post may appear to be quite extensive – it actually only scratches the surface of the changes, events and experiences now available to us!
      Check out the “Links” page for sites that go into greater detail. Linda

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  4. Barbara Rudman says:

    Thank you Linda for posting such a clear explanation of the upcoming shift. It helps me explain the event to my less involved friends. However, in case they ask me how you know that the last 26,000 year cycle ended with “drastic changes” what can I tell them? How do you know what happened 26,000 years ago?

    • Thank you Barbara – I’m glad you found the post useful. A good place to start is David Wilcock’s “The 2012 Enigma” (see my Links page). From what I understand, when our solar system completes it’s revolution around the galaxy every 26,000 years, we experience a DNA “upgrade”. The Mayan calendar also reflects, where rather than evolution causing a slow and gradual change over time, we experience an evolutionary “leap”. We move from one stage of “enlightenment” into the next. The “ages” that history teaches us, such as the “stone age”, etc. are examples of these types of massive shifts. But we also undergo bio-chemical changes in our physical structures – Wilcock describes the shift in certain fish to the amphibian stage, and so on. He discusses in detail how the cyclical alignment of the earth and sun with the center of the galaxy is bathed in energy waves that cause a molecular shift. The Science and History Channel’s have series that speak to this as well (The Universe series). Scientists have produced evidence in laboratory experiments that verify how a change in electro-magnetic frequency change the molecular composition of particles. You can also refer to the Mayan Calendar site on my Links page for more information about this transformation.

      In general, each of the “leaps” in intellectual and physical enlightenment that have occurred throughout Earth’s history have aligned with these changes. The evidence is really quite compelling. But the outcome is not one to focus on “disaster scenarios” and the end of the world. Rather, its an emphasis on the end of the old and the birth of a new age of enlightenment – both in terms of knowledge, abilities and physical advancements.

      Namaste –


  5. Phee Kherng Peng says:

    Thank you Linda for sharing and taking your time to put it in such a simple language where layman can understand.


  6. Thomas Wos says:

    Dr. Steiner,
    “Our solar system orbits the galaxy every 26,000 years….”

    Contrary to the scientific community which states that our solar system orbits our galaxy about once every 225,ooo,ooo years.



  7. Patch says:

    Hello Dr. Linda Steiner,
    I do not mean to be rude but I would like to point out that technically our solar system does not orbit the Milky Way galaxy every 26,000 thousand years it takes us about 225 million years to orbit the galaxy (Galactic Center, Black Hole, Dark Sun, Cosmic Womb), what our solar system does every 26,000 thousand years is cross the Galactic Equator. We are north of the Galactic Equator traveling south in a serpentine fashion, 26,000 thousand years from 12-21-2012 we will once again cross the Galactic Equator from south to north. Earth is about 4.5 billion years old so this happens a lot no big deal, what is so special about this crossing is that we are in the Dark Rift, the star dust filled dirt road to the Galactic Center which is a most excellent conductor of energy. At 0 degree of the Galactic Equator is a massive amount of energy to the tune of 3.5 trillion electron-volts or 3500 times the mass-energy of a proton, the kind of energy some say can bend space and time. http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Highest_Energy_Photons_Ever_Detected_As_Emanating_From_Milky_Way_Equator.html
    So we have this massive amount of energy at the Galactic Equator which we will be traveling through on 12-21-2012 and then to top it off it turns out that black holes do not just suck in energy, matter, light, well everything, black holes also expel energy similar to Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park, like clock work the Black Hole or Cosmic Womb expels energy (breath of god, tree of life) which is traveling along the Dark Rift and will intersect with us on 12-21-2012 the same time we hit the energy wave at the Galactic Equator which as I understand it is due to the spinning of the galaxy.
    I am totally amazed that the Mayans knew we are in a galaxy, where the center of the galaxy is, there’s a black hole at the center of the galaxy, energy emits from the black hole and that we cross the galactic equator considering this is all recent knowledge of modern man. In a very short time we will know whether the Mayans are also correct about this upcoming event, The Grand Cross, a double whammy of very high energy which has the capability to jump us up to the next evolutionary scale of existence, Homo Luminous.
    So say the Mayans and they have not been wrong yet.

    • Dear “Patch” – Thank you so much for clarifying the point about the galactic equator. I have revised my post to reflect your corrections. I sincerely appreciate you contacting me, as I want so very much to provide
      information that is not only insightful, but accurate!

      Many thanks –


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  9. Shane Walker says:

    Well said Linda. This is the way the coming changes should be explained. In good honest down-to-Earth language. I just really hope it is read by those who are yet to wake up. I am sharing this info with my friends. thank you.

  10. Patricia Couweleers says:

    Dr. Steiner, having carefully read your writings I find many points mutually observed. I would add that the higher level of awareness that we are developing to would include a practice of self awareness and continual practice of true love for others in a culture of heart which will not just be a more positive state of being, but one that transforms the universe resonating with the love of God (Cosmic Parents). That is, the spiritual and physical worlds in harmony. That’s the Ultimate happiness that I see unfolding today.

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  13. Rosie Lalevich says:

    Dear Dr Steiner
    Thank you so much for this article, it truly resonated with me and felt compelled to pass it to my friends/

    Best wishes

  14. john says:

    so if you ascend its because of the 2012 thing, and so if you don’t ascend its because you’re too negative. sounds like a bunch of religious shit. like if you pray and god answers its because god exist, if he doesn’t answer its because of lack of faith. yeah right

    • Hi John,
      Believe me – no one is more skeptical of organized religion and the havoc that it has reaped in “God’s Name” throughout history. Many feel the same way – and so you are not alone in your skepticism. If viewed from a purely “religious” standpoint – I would have to agree with your comments – but…
      the ascension process that I speak of involves matters above and beyond organized religious rhetoric. The procession of the equinox is a metaphysical, cosmic cycle – and the effects are universal. When I speak of positivity and negativity in this post, I am referring to polarities of energy. Much like a battery with positive and negative poles. Even the most secular among us would have to agree that attitudes, feelings, actions and indeed thoughts are not only generated by – but generate energy. This energy can fall along the continuum of positive to negative polarities.

      Ascension with this current cycle is about encompassing enough positive energy to be “caught in the wave” of higher degrees of light that are now and continue to flood our planet – in a cosmic sense. One who still embodies greater levels of negative energy patterns will remain too “heavy” to be carried by lighter energy patterns. For example, imagine the ocean waves that roll up to the shore. If you drop a feather on the water, it will be light enough to be carried by the incoming waves. If you drop a brick on the water, it will be too heavy to be carried, and will sink. This is not to say that the feather is “better off” than the brick – just that the mere physics dictates that one is light enough to ride the wave and the other, too heavy. It simply means that the feather and brick will travel along different paths – without value judgment.

      The problem with religious interpretations is that there has been so much corruption and distortion by the power elite that anything that smacks of spiritual principles becomes too easily dismissed by those who have seen through the veils of deceit. This is one of those cases. Our life force is one of energy. We can either approach our lives with love (which falls on the lighter energy spectrum) – or – we can approach our lives with fear, suspicion and defensiveness (which falls into the negative polarity spectrum). Naturally, when one sees through all the schemes that have misled us – it is natural to feel cynical. I know I have. But, there are changes taking place that are so profound as to far surpass all the religious doctrine that has left the masses weighed down with guilt and fear.

      This isn’t a matter of heaven vs. hell and “saving your soul”, etc. This is a matter of galactic evolution and the cosmic cycles that are wholly natural to existence. It just so happens that we are alive at this point in time where the current cycle is coming to a close and we have the rare opportunity to experience the beginning of the next cycle.

      We all perceive life through our unique vantage points. Some embrace a belief in God while others do not. It doesn’t matter where one falls. A feather is a feather and a brick is a brick. We are all at different places in our personal evolution and no-one can dictate or prescribe what is best for another. Only we know – at our deepest levels – what path is right for us.

      I sincerely appreciate your comments, as I realize they echo the sentiments of many who balk at these ideas as religious nonsense. But if we can get past the mental and emotional triggers that “push our buttons” into knee-jerk objections – perhaps we can open ourselves to a more expansive, free, and unified future for all concerned.

      Thank you again for your response.


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