Be as One

Life is moving forward at a record pace. We are changing – ready or not – here we come…or go…the choice is up to us. We are moving through space and time in completion of a prophecy and purpose unparalleled by mundane human expectation and reason.

We are designed to transcend – to ascend – to the greater force of universal mystery and realization. We have been asleep too long – under the oppressive domination of complacency and fear.

We are birds that are destined to fly, horses destined to gallop through the stars – free and unencumbered by the saddles of materialism and physical realms. We are being summoned by the sun and galaxies beyond our vision and understanding –

But the voice within knows. The inner eye sees. The quiet but insistent intuition beckons our attention and action. We are more than meets the eye – we have responsibility and purpose – destiny and growth toward the accomplishment of our realization and union with our source.

There is more – so very much more – than we have realized. Perhaps more than our left-brains can reason through with logical understanding. Our realities are made of intuitive knowledge – planted as seeds by the gardening angels on high. But it is up to us to steward these seedlings with spiritual nourishment – to maximize their growth toward the light of truth and reality.

The sun calls us – as do the stars. They call us home again – back to our source and origin of all that ever was – is – or ever will be…all that matters. Some of us are there. Some are gaining glimpses of images to come – while others remain happily asleep in their blissful ignorance – afraid of the wake-up call that rings through our molecules and atoms. Still others are grasping desperately to the illusion of what we consider to be of value and importance.

We owe a debt of appreciation, reverence and respect to the source of our creation and purpose. Inaction and complacency cripple our ability to understand.  Our pain, fear and hopelessness represent a locked cage to which we hold the key to freedom and expansiveness.

There is more – so very much more that lies ahead and behind our pin-point of physical existence in this material world. The earth is our mother, our source of air, water, food and shelter. She is beauty personified and sacred in her magic. We have forsaken her and fail to honor her for what she has provided. But she is independent of us – and always has been and always will be. She cries at our indiscretions and grieves our egoistic ways – but will not be harmed by them.

We only harm ourselves and those that we encounter in our walking slumber through these miniscule days of earthly existence. Don’t you hear the voice calling? Can’t you feel the magnetic pull of all that is and will ever be?

We are part of a community of force and energy – of power and beauty. Our capacities are only limited by our willingness to listen, see and respond. The universe is bound by the communication of all life forms that share a common source and destiny. We are not alone – yet we act as though we are unique. Ironically enough, our insistence that we are the “chosen ones” create a sense of isolation that maintains our feelings of separateness from one another and the universal family of truth.

The force is all around us – in everything, around everything, within everything. Our freedom of choice and will tests our ability and capacity for this understanding and challenges our fortitude and spiritual character. We are but galactic cells in a universal body – each with a role to play to ensure the well-being of the system. Who are we to preoccupy ourselves with other vain imaginings of self-importance. As individuals, we are meaningless and ineffectual. But combined – we possess the eternal wisdom, grace and power of the universe.

Be attentive and aware – be open – be One.

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